Chinese Holidays


As a student, you have the option to stay in China for a longer time and enjoy one of the Chinese holidays. There are many colourful holidays like Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival or Mid-Autumn Day.

Chinese Holidays

Depending on the area or city you live in, you should check if there are local holidays. However, the main holidays are:

Chinese New Year

The holiday takes place in January or February. Chinese families get together to celebrate a reunion dinner and give money in red envelopes on the evening of Chinese New Year. Red can be found everywhere – windows and doors are adorned with red decorations. And on top of that, late at night people light firecrackers.

Chinese Holidays

Qingming Festival

This festival lasts three days in April. Traditions include dancing on tombstones to transmit energy to the dead and entertain them at the same time.

Chinese Holidays

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National Day (Mid-Autumn Day Holiday)

National Day is October 1st, most people have a vacation. Some students enjoy the weekend for four to six days. Stores should be expected to be closed for a while. Thus, be sure to buy enough groceries in advance.

Chinese Holidays

During major holidays (Chinese New Year, National holiday), you can spend your free time with friends. Also, if you really love adventure – buy a bus, train or plane ticket and visit some of the attractions or one of the metropolitan areas such as Shanghai or Beijing. However, if you decide to travel, then do not be surprised by the crowd that returns home to their loved ones on vacation.

If you want to know what places to visit during the Chinese holidays, follow this link.

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