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Learn Chinese online

Nowadays, person, who wish to learn Chinese online, has many opportunities to do it in the most effective way. Starting from collections of books in electronic format, ending with all kinds of online Chinese courses. On the Internet, you can find textbooks, online courses, video courses, programs and applications to learn Chinese online. If you decide to learn the language of the Middle Kingdom online, then you only need a laptop (computer) or a phone with Internet access. In this article, we will discuss all the nuances of learning Chinese online.

Let’s start with the advantages of the online format to learn Chinese and any other languages in general. The biggest advantage, we can mention – it is an opportunity to adjust your study schedule. You choose a convenient time for yourself (unless these are online group courses). After downloading the application for the study of hieroglyphs, you can repeat the material during your free time, giving it literally a couple of minutes. Therefore, studying at least 5 hieroglyphs every day, by the end of the month you will know 150. And in a year you will have mastered 1800! For example, to successfully pass HSK4 (the level required for admission to a Chinese university), you need to know 1200. Thus, while simultaneously pulling up grammar, writing and reading, you can prepare yourself for passing this exam in an online format.

Pros and cons of online language learning

Learn Chinese online not only saves your time, since you don’t have to go anywhere and spend it on the road. But in terms of finance is more profitable. You have two formats for offline Chinese learning. The first is to go to China for a language course, which is not the most budget choice if you are not a scholarship holder. The second is to sign up for local courses. This option loses to the first on many fronts. But it is several times cheaper than the first, however, more expensive than online courses.

Access to a huge amount of free materials to learn Chinese online, and even more paid content. YouTube is updated daily with video lessons on learning Chinese. They will tell you about the finer point of Chinese grammar, show new characters in graphic form, analyze translations of popular songs, and much more. You can find a similar base of material and even more on other sites and in many applications. In them, you can find material to learn Chinese online in a variety of forms. However, a huge disadvantage of such platforms is the lack of the ability to practice speaking and ask personal questions about the topics covered. That is mean, that the learning process is going without interactive communication between teacher and student. Even in free apps, you won’t be able to get full access to all the material without paying for a subscription.

Online Chinese courses

In our opinion, the most effective online format to learn Chinese is online Chinese courses. Online courses combine the best aspects of both online and offline learning. By signing up for online courses, you can choose for yourself the level, direction, teacher and personal training schedule. At the same time, you can choose group lessons for more atmosphere, or private ones for greater productivity. And all you need to have at hand is a laptop, tablet, computer or phone with Internet access and a headset.

You can take online courses while sitting at home or with a cup of coffee in a cosy coffee shop, or even better somewhere on the seashore. Because for online courses your place is not so important, but your desire and aspiration is more important. And while studying online, snow and rain will not prevent you from turning on the next course, there will be no thoughts of a clogget public transport or a heavy backpack.

We would like to note that our team also took care of the comfort of our students, clients and ordinary visitors by developing branded online Chinese courses. You can learn more about our courses by following that link or asking our consultants.

You can also see the list of applications that will help you learn Chinese online at this link.

We wish you the best in learning Chinese!

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