Studying at the university is not limited to lectures


Studying at the university is not limited to lectures

Studying at the university is not limited to lectures, homework and exams. And China is no exception. Even more, not every “top” western university has such a variety of academic infrastructure as in the Middle Kingdom. “City within a city” – this is how foreign students often characterize Chinese campuses. Also, add the opportunities for rest and entertainment. Which are available in large metropolitan areas like Beijing and Shanghai, it becomes clear that you will definitely not be bored.

Studying at the university is not limited to lectures

For many, that sounds like something incredible, but while studying in China you can stay on campus for a long time. There are many shops, where you can buy all the necessary food and household goods, hairdressing salons, ATMs, post offices and fruit tents on campus territory. About food:  many canteens are located in selected multi-storey buildings. The diversity of the offered dishes is a separate topic! But don’t forget that local culinary specialities may not fit. So, we advise you to read that article “What to pack for China?“.


Chinese University libraries are very comfortable and capacious. For example, the total area of Shanghai University library is 64.000 square meters – about 8 football fields! The collection of over 3.4 million volumes and over 3.600 periodicals is a source of great pride. Comfortable tables and a quiet environment are all you need for your preparation for classes.

Studying at the university is not limited to lectures

China recently actively invest in sport. Residents of this country got good taste in a healthy lifestyle. In almost any campus you will find football fields, basketball courts, swimming pools and much more. All of that is very cheap or free and available almost at any time. And if you are one of those who hate loneliness and seeks to communicate, then join one of the many student associations and clubs.

Many campuses are well designed and aesthetic – small lakes, parks, gardens, alleys with flowers and various monuments. All these give the feeling of life outside the city. One of the most interesting campuses is located in Qingdao. It is China Petroleum University campus know as “sailing city” with its charming landspaces.

Studying at the university is not limited to lectures

Why after such stories, you may need to travel to the city? Campuses are big and have everything that you need in your daily life. But you also need to view the city, try local specific dishes, buy something new and interesting. In the Chinese “subway” you will find many shops, cafes and various installations, next to which you can take photos.

Mid-Autumn Festival

A good reason to explore your own city and others is the Mid-Autumn Festival in early October. You will have one week for holidays. Ancient temples, museums, theatres and historical districts with an authentic atmosphere, festivals – is not a complete list of what might interest you in visiting the city. You can move freely using cabs, public transport, subway or on foot. Cycling fans feel great because in china you can rent a bike everywhere, especially on campus. And don’t forget to try tasty mooncakes during that festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Free Time

For lovers of the nightlife, cities are also ready to offer decent diversity. It could be Chinese or European clubs, karaoke-bars, status or student bars. But do not be distracted by this during the study.

Cinemas don’t differ from each other. To save money we advise you to download mobile application to buy tickets online. Foreign films are usually shown in their original language with subtitles, so the linguistic barrier will not be a problem.

Free Time in China

And, of course, the choice of cafes and restaurants will not leave indifferent any gourmet. Prices are usually democratic, the staff is polite, because of stiff competition for job opportunities. The principle “the client’s desire is the law” works here, but it should not be abused.

Each city has a wide variety of attractions to see. You can ask passers-by what is and where located. Either buy a card or install an app. Online maps in China are one of the most accurate, they have all the information you need.

But do not forget the main thing: Chinese culture, mentality and values ​​differ significantly from European ones. Respect is the uniting point: you may not know the language, local traditions, but your reaction to a certain episode can either make it clear that you are apologizing or offend. For example, dating and relationships are taken seriously by the Chinese. Even the little flirt can be recognized as an offer of a serious relationship.


Of course, the cost of certain products, goods and services differs from city to city. Nevertheless, there are average benchmarks, for example, in Bejing and Shanghai. The average check per guest in the restaurant will be from 150 yuan (22$). Public transport ticket is 3 yuan (0.4$). Taxi fare starts at 13 yuan (in smaller cities – from 8) and 2-3 yuan is paid for each subsequent kilometre. 1.000 – 1.300 (140-190$) yuan will be enough for food per month. It better to buy clothes online and also cheaper. You can visit many almost all cultural attractions for free or with good discounts by using a student card. Entry to nightclubs is often free. So for leisure, you will spent about 500 yuan per month. The main thing is to use money wisely and not to forget about the main purpose of the visit.

Prices in China

Now you know more about holidays in China and how to spend your free time studying at the Chinese university.

So, if you are interested in studying in China, please, contact our consultants. Do you have questions? Leave them in the comments below.

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