Study in China Testimonial – Alfira Uzbekova

Alfira Uzbekova
Before coming to Hangzhou, I looked through a lot of photos and videos. Frankly, they did not impress me. But when he saw the city with his own eyes, he was shocked. It’s so beautiful and green! I think the French Quarter will appeal to everyone. Especially girls. And in the same place is the Eiffel Tower. When I laid out a photo taken against her background, my friends thought that I was in France. The only thing that gives out is the ones located behind the house. They say that there is still a place like Venice. But I have not had time to go there yet. In the Middle Kingdom, I’m only a month and a half. Hangzhou Dianzi University is located on the campus. From the center to the university you can reach the metro in about 30 minutes. And to Shanghai on an ordinary train for 1.5 hours, and on high-speed can be reached in 40 minutes. Our group consists exclusively of foreigners. I think it’s good. Because studying with native speakers is still difficult. The university is full of interesting events. Only this month we – the Committee for Foreign Students, held three events. If you are creative, you can easily become a member. Besides them, there is a free gym, sports sections, and dance.

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