Changzhou Institute of Technology


Changzhou Institute of Technology

Changzhou Institute of Technology (further CIT) is situated in Changzhou, on the river Yangji. Initially, it was a school under name Cuihua, which was opened in 1906 y. From 2000 the school got the title “Institute of Technology”. While the years of practice on controlling the school they made a slogan “The best education for the best life” and the spirit of CIT was “Solidarity and exactness”.

Changzhou Institute of Technology
Being innovative, hard-headed, patriotic and useful for the nation is shows the culture of campus: the success of each student is the philosophy of the way of the institute’s teaching system. Nowadays, CIT became a distinctive and practice-oriented university in many majors like engineering, management, economy, literature, art, pedagogy, etc. There are studying 15 000 full-time students and there are over 11 000 employees.

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Changzhou Institute of Technology recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.

Changzhou Institute of Technology allocates 160 scholarship seats for Chinese language courses for international students.
Accommodation cost: 4000 RMB per year.
Utilities (electricity, water, Internet): ~ 200  RMB per month.
Conditions: a double room in the hostel of hotel type: furniture, shower, and toilet in the room, Internet access.

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Changzhou Institute of Technology

CIT has strong partnerships with over than 30 colleges and universities in America, England, Denmark, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. Partnership in the sphere of academic exchange, scientific research, accreditation, and combined education gives the opportunity of the international association. Now the university is the leader of the “Program on training and leading-up outstanding Engineers” consoled by the Ministry of Education and province Jiangsu which is in the list of “Joint innovation program 2011”.


The campus is landed in 66 hectares. In the territory of the campus, there are laboratories, world-wide library, dormitory, stadium, basketball pitch, car park, and gardens. All sides of campus are fenced and there are its own security stations. From 2016 the new campus is open for students.

Changzhou Institute of Technology


International students live in the special dormitory with all facilities to live; bad, office table, internet, shelves, and bathroom.


International student affairs help students helps with all questions with living and studying in China (from getting there and delaying visa to checking your learning achievements).


There is a cafeteria in the territory of campus which is specialized for Chinese and international students. Thus, everybody finds the food they want.


In the territory of campus, there are free soccer pitch, basketball, and volleyball area, tennis. You can take care of your health for free or for a little money.


City: Guangzhou
Population: over 5 mln.
Climate: Average temperature in winter -3C, in summer 28C
The ancient name of Guangzhou — “City of the Dragon”
The city is historical and cultural, which has a 2,500-year history. Also, it is a rising industrial city with the wide economy. Guangzhou is one of the beginning cities of national industry and commerce of China, widely known for its improving economy and business.
Guangzhou is situated in the same distance as cities Shanghai and Nanking. The city is in the flourishing region on the delta of the river Yangji. In the north, the city is boarded with the river Yangji and in the south with the lake Taykhu. Today, Guangzhou is National Cultural City, National City of Hygiene, National City of Gardens, National Exemplary City for Protection of its Environment and winner of the “Chinese example of inhabitants award”.

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Name 常州工学院
City Changzhou
Ranking in China 434
International ranking 3328
Undergraduate 2621 USD/year
Postgraduate 2621 USD/year
Accommodation 150 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/mon.
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 65
Deadline 15th July
Students 15,486
Foreign students 170
Location 1 Wushan Rd, Xinbei Qu, Changzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China

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