Shanghai Second Polytechnic University


Shanghai Second Polytechnic University (ShSPU) was established in 1960. Paying special attention to mechanical engineering, ShSPU is known for its awards in various fields, such as finance, management, liberal arts, and physical sciences. There are especially undergraduate studies, completed by MA, higher professional, and transborder education. Shanghai Second Polytechnic UniversityIn the framework of 6 academic disciplines of ShSPU, a bachelor’s degree is provided in 37 areas of study, and diplomas of higher professional education are available in 31 areas of study. At the present stage, ShSPU has about 1,200 pedagogues and workers, as well as more than 13 thousand full-time learners. Since autumn 2011, 220 foreign learners from more than ten countries of Eurasia, Africa, and Oceania began to study at this university.

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Shanghai Second Polytechnic University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.

Academic environment

Situated in Jinqiao Industrial Park in the new Pudong District, ShSPU is located on a great place of cooperation between the university-industry and transborder exchange, thanks to the nearby Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone and approximately 60 Fortune 600 firms. Including all university organizations, the Center tentative and practice tuition – 41,000m2 and 45 normal labs, its total area is 300 thousand m2. The university is equipped with modern equipment and conveniences for tuition and investigation, as well as a library with more than a million books, journals, and an integrated computer network maintenance system.


ShSPU brought to reality plenty of scientific projects financed by the National Natural Science Foundation and the National Program 863 and created about 100 sci-tech achievements. In Shanghai, it has fixed strong partnership relations with all sectors of the community, for example, such as the Shanghai Integrated Processing Base WEEE, Shanghai Industrial Styling Services Platform, and the Center for Credit Research.

Shanghai Second Polytechnic University

In the Yangtze River Delta, it has created several technologies shifting points to ensure all-round technological services for native firms in the area of Electronics and Auto Control, Machinery and Electronic equipment, and IT technology, as well as Environmental Technics and New Materials.

Shanghai Second Polytechnic University

ShSPU has close relations with the Advanced Manufacturing Industry and Modern Services Sector to educate high-class and foreign specialists. For over fifty years, SSPU has trained over 100, thousand technical and applied specialists with other two national fashion designers and prominent inventors Bao Qifang and Li Bin. This university is considered the “Benchmark for vocational education in China” and the “cradle of exemplary workers.”

International Exchange and Cooperation

The University has a special School, which is fully responsible for ensuring services to foreign learners, especially recruitment, training and administration. There is also a remarkable group of Chinese language pedagogues dedicated to teaching foreign learners, and an experienced administration group responsible for serving foreign learners. The school also hosts a national venue for HSK (Chinese Proficiency Tests) and offers HSK related to Chinese language courses.

The SSPU has sustained partnership relations with a lot of famous firms and academies, permanently engrain and enlarge the philosophy of higher education, management practice, learning arsenals, and has also achieved great growth in the internationalization of higher education.

Shanghaі Second Polytechnіc Unіversіty

Various transborder programs are successfully implemented at SSPU, including mutual educational programmes for native learners, educational programmes for foreign learners, exchange programmes and internships, programmes of outstanding foreign teachers, and pedagogue exchange programmes.


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