Shanxi University of Finance and Economics


Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (ShUFE) is located in Taiyuan, the finance and industrial center of Shanxi Region. Opened in the middle of the 20th century, it is considered as one of the precursors of all universities of finance and economics in the Republic of China.

Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

Following to the motto of “to be moral, loyal, eggheaded, and honest” and the entrepreneurial spirit of Shanxi traders “to be polite, fair, willing, and innovative”, it has possessed considerable strides in talent growth, investigation, public aid and international exchanges, greatly facilitating to promoting the finance and society, both locally and nationally. Insomuch, there are approximately 160,000 learners who graduated from ShUFE and currently operate in different places of the country and abroad. At the moment ShUFE strives to make a distinguishing University with a high rate of Finance and Economics.

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Shanxi University of Finance and Economics recruits 80-120 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.

Academic programs

There are currently twenty-four departments, eight research institutes with organization, three at the provincial level key subjects, seven provincial basic structural subjects, two provincial key subjects, two provincial scientific foundations of humanities and social sciences, and one provincial mutual innovation base. In addition, it has investigated workstations and fifteen oriented master’s programmes. Moreover, ShUFE provides fifty-seven Bachelor programmes, five state-level branches, one regional-dominant higher education branches, seven regional branches, and eleven regional branches. And it is also entitled to provide a bachelor’s degree in fifteen bachelor programmes to candidates with sufficient qualifications to gain reciprocal academic adequacy in relevant specialties.

Acadenic environment

SUFE recruits learners from thirty regions, cities or autonomous regions of China, at present, almost 31 thousand learners of all kinds are studying here, of which 16,960 are regular learners and approximately 3,331 doctors and masters. ShUFE graduates are recognized and welcomed by smart, highly qualified, diversified, innovative, and practical societies. In 2015, the employment level of bachelor, graduate students, and doctoral students was 89%, 95%, and 99%, respectively.

Together with its Wuchen, Inzi, and Pingyang campuses, ShUFE occupies a field of approximately 131,100 ha, of which the building takes place of approximately 600,000 m2. SUFE’s library is very rich, here you can find data of 3.8 million books.

Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

Research of all kinds at ShUFE is rising in quantity and quality, as well as diversity. Of all these studies, 12 are state level; 274 from the regional or ministerial level; and 33 horizontal objects. Approximately 1,497 works can be found in key journals, 277 in state journals; 11 entered the top 5 paper indexation systems; 65 regional prizes got. In 2005, ShUFE got 2 nationally funded drafts in the natural sciences and 3 in the social sciences, and 23 studies got the Shanxi Excellent Research Award. ShUFE has been authorized to carry out 24 research disciplines in testing 2,005 research disciplines in the “tenths of 5” plan for Shanxi Philosophy and Social Sciences. For this endorsement, ShUFE goes on to take 1st place of all contacting academies.

ShUFEs all-round university management ability is constantly growing. It is included in the list of the top 100 universities of social sciences and categories, eleventh among all universities of finance and economics in the Republic of China.

ShUFE is organized with new educational and experimental tools, such as a computer center, an Internet center, a modern educational technology center, an electronic library, a financial laboratory, an ERP laboratory, a commodity laboratory, an environmental monitoring laboratory, an e-business laboratory, a simulated court, and so on. Multimedia facilities are found in almost all classrooms in SUFE.

International cooperation

ShUFE actively collaborates with foreign colleagues, and its pedagogues are sent to the USA, GB, Germany, Poland, Australia, Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, and so on to further study academic exchanges. ShUFE has built close cooperation with 35 universities worldwide, including the University of Wisconsin in the USA, the Academy of Northumbria in the UK, St. Berchman College in India, the College of Sydney in Australia, and so on.

Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

In addition, there are exchange and collaboration agreements between ShUFE and Kanto-Gakuen University, in Japan, and Sabah University, Sabah, in Malaysia. At the beginning of 2000, ShUFE established its Zhongde Cоllege in cоllabоratiоn with the University оf Technоlоgy Оttо vоn Guericke, in Germany, and three years later the first grоup оf 108 learners flew tо gain knowledge in Germany. In 2004 and 2005, a two-week summer postgraduate programme was held in Taiyuan and Magdeburg, in which the University of Otto von Guericke and ShUFE took part as organizers, and in 2005 both universities again collaborated in the creation of “2 + 3 + 2” educational regime of bachelor and MA students. In 2005, ShUFE became a sister university of Northwestern Polytechnic University, USA, and since then a wide range of joint educational programmes have been improved between the 2 universities.

Name 山西财经大学
City Taiyuan
Ranking in China 241
International ranking 2427
Undergraduate 2910 USD/year
Postgraduate 3200 USD/year
Accommodation 160 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 73
Deadline 15th July
Students 22,000
Foreign students 137
Location 135 S Inner Ring St, Chang Feng Shang Quan, Yingze Qu, Taiyuan Shi, Shanxi Sheng, China

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