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Hefei University of Technology

Hefei University of Technology Anhuy

Hefei University of Technology is managed by the rules of the agency pedagogics as a main university in the ministerial and native level. The situation of the university is Hefey, the leading town of Anhuy valley that recognized as amazon forests of Chine, and a civil Centre of high-technologies and advanced sciences of the republic. In 2004, the university became a member of the “two-one-one” nationalized enterprise’s 100 best university plan and since then, it has been actively gotten support to improve the tuition system.

The university currently possesses 18 colleges and divisions, 48 R&D bases and some main discipline oriented stations. It offers a specific scheme called “Changjing scholarships for students and awards for teachers” to carry the popular masters from all over the motherland and foreign countries to employ with a job.

Hefei University of Technology Scholarship

Hefei University of Technology is offering Scholarship Program for international students of the academic year 2020-2021. To get more information contact our consultants.

Faculties, programms

Hefei University of Technology Faculties

By this time, in the university, 6 post doctorate stations have been structured and additionally permitted to grant doctorates in 33 specialties, master level collegians in 102 specialties and bachelor level collegians in 71 specialties.

This university uses these programs: Innovating data of specialized subject plans, founding qualified specific teams, process and development of lately subjects and tutors. During the years of the “9th 5-year” scheme from 1995 to 2000, it has done great efforts to build new-fashioned subjects. Among them, 10 have been put down to grant doctorates, 24 have been joined to grant master levels and 11 subjects sanctioned to offer bachelor levels to the faculty of engineering.

Detailed information about university

Hefei University of Technology faculties


Hereby, allover subjects specific advances such as authority to the act of an engineer, comprehensive subjects, combined various subjects, spread content, wide-ranging subjects of economy, legislation, Liberal arts, history, management sciences and strategies. In addition, it has A2 specialties sanctioned to grant 52 subjects of master levels, 13 subjects for doctorates and other 29 native and ministerial level subjects in the fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry, mechanics, electronics, engineering, information technology and programming, producing materials, design and protection of environment.

The university can boast with its campuses, have floored area of 20km2 with surrounding of green-forests, wild trees and many aromatic sorts of blossoms. It provides all scholars and masters with a wide-ranging service bands those can be very important to anyone to use. Moreover, the internet providing Centre with a platform that gives priorities to learners to access video courses and self-learning softwares unstoppably, and an archive, has a collection of about 3,000,000 volumes and journals and archives website, hosts useful informations and scientific wealth, have been constructed in the area of the university.

Academic partnerships, achievements

Hefei University of Technolog achievements

Since the foundation, the university has made successful efforts to the exchanging programs, and to get partners around the world, and invited well-known and talented students and skillful pedagogues to become a personnel member from abroad. At present, it utilizes 15 schemes for over 300 oversea collegians. The university have conferred them with diplomas, certifications for completing bachelor, master and PhD levels depending on the schemes. Besides, more than 25 oversea masters from various states and cities are working in this university’s teaching buildings. It surely respects lifestyles and traditions of internationalized scholars and masters.

Having benefits from tuition programs and enhancements of them, the university is performing to construct a higher-level educational institution that is known in china and broad very well. Therefore, the reputation of it is moving up through the ranks of the world academical ratings, and will have better results and topper places apparently.

In conclusion, Hefei University of Technology is specialized by these subjects: comprehensive subjects, combined various subjects, spread content, wide-ranging subjects of economy, legislation, Liberal arts, history and others. It has had a wonderful 70 years that past with doing university jobs with high quality. It gave attention to not only improvement tuition but also environment of the university scenes gotten more beautiful and calm.

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Name 合肥工业大学
City Hefei
Ranking in China 82
International ranking 809
Undergraduate 3200 USD/year
Postgraduate 3780 USD/year
Accommodation 160 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 80
Deadline 15th July
Students 25,500
Foreign students 293
Location 193 Tunxi Rd, Baohe Qu, Hefei Shi, Anhui Sheng, China
Website hfut.edu.cn

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