Scholarships to study in China

Grants and Scholarships to study in China

Educational grants in China are actively offered by the Chinese state to international students as early as starting from the year 2014.

Scholarships are provided for:

  • Annual language courses for learning Chinese
  • Bachelor’s degree studies in Chinese or English *
  • Master’s studies in Chinese or English *
  • Doctoral studies, Phd in Chinese or English *
  • MBA studies in Chinese or English *

The main criteria for obtaining a scholarship to study in China:

    • good academic performance
    • no criminal record
    • providing the necessary package of documents.

We would like to remind You that, You can use the website online consultant service at any time.

Scholarships are provided to students from most countries of the world. There are countries whose students receive many refusals in enrollment; this is due to the political peculiarities of the country or the poor reputation of students who have arrived earlier from these countries. By the year 2018, the countries with the leading number of students studying in China are: South Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Russia, the USA, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan.

Scholarships provided by Chinese universities

Scholarships provided by Chinese universities are the most common. This type of scholarship is the easiest and most convenient to acquire. Each university in China, which has permission to educate foreign students, has annually a certain number of scholarship-based places. University scholarships for studying in China are provided in the following forms:

  • Scholarships that cover accommodation, education and include a monthly payment
  • Scholarships that cover only education; accommodation is paid separately.
  • Scholarships that cover only part of the education or part of accommodation – partial grants.

About 4-5 people apply for one scholarship.

China government Scholarships

Governmental grants – China Scholarship Council ( is a state program that allows people from all over the world to receive scholarships from the state of China. These scholarships can be obtained by submitting documents through the platform, or during subsequent years of study at the university. The deadline for submitting application for this type of grant is until March of each year. The answers about the receipt or non-receipt of the confirmation of grant eligibility are received in August. We also recommend taking into account that this method of obtaining a scholarship is competitive: 450 people are applying for one scholarship place.

The web-portal of this project is in Chinese.

Provincial scholarships

There are 22 provinces in China, where each province has its own budget for the development of education or universities. Hence, educational scholarships are financed in China for foreigners from different provinces. For example, a very widespread scholarship is a scholarship from the province of Jiangsu – the province around Shanghai. Provincial scholarships are not much different from university scholarships. You can also apply for provincial scholarships through our website.

Scholarships of Confucius or, more precisely, scholarships of the Confucius Institute. In various countries there are Chinese studies Institutes named after Confucius; these institutes provide for scholarships. A full list of Confucius Institutes can be found on this website: All the details about obtaining this type of scholarship are best clarified in Your regional Confucius office.

Scholarships from companies

Companies such as Alibaba, Huawei, Lenovo, SinoTech and other Chinese oil companies in China have the opportunity to sponsor students or employees to study in China. This kind of scholarships is not common.

Why does China give scholarships to foreign students?

It is because the Chinese government is preparing a future platform for implementing foreign economic programs and improving its reputation around the world. As a result, all foreign students who have received an education in China have the opportunity to work in foreign companies in China. There are two foreign economic programs of China – “One Belt One Road” and “Maritime Silk Road”: they are the ones that help to get a qualitative education in China on a scholarships basis.