Language Courses in China

Annually we enroll hundreds of students for Chinese language courses in Chinese universities. In case you are still planning to learn the Chinese language in your county, forget about it! Of course, you can get basic knowledge and even pass the HSK exam (analog of IELTS). But such types of courses will be only 2 or 3 times a week. When standard Chinese courses in China start at 8-9 am and till 3-5 pm. And let’s not forget about the immersion in the language environment.

Chinese Language Courses

Given article in other languages:

Russian, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz

For enrolment is not necessary to know Chinese or English languages. Also, If you are interested, may want to consider studying in China in English.

Types of languages courses:

  1. One-year – for further enrolment to a bachelor’s degree.
  2. One-term – in order to extend knowledge of the Chinese language.
  3. Short-term – vacation programs for pupils.

Course locations in China:

  1. Universities – we advise you this option for studying with a degree at the university. For more information about admission enrolment in universities and scholarships, please, contact our consultants or leave your questions in the comments below.
  2. Institutes – educational institutions with 3-year training in specialties. However, we recommend to our students apply for scholarship programs to study the Chinese language.
  3. Private language Schools. Mainly schools are located in Beijing and Shanghai. The coast of studying 150$ per week.

Chinese language courses

One can clearly see that obtaining higher education in China recent years became not only prestigious but also very profitable. Chinese Governmnet earmarked substantial funding for international students studying with scholarships in China.

Why choose China

China is one of the five leading countries where international students prefer to study. Governmnet intends to increase the number of students. If you want to become a student at a prestigious university or want to study language courses in China, our consultants will help you.

Our company provides scholarships to study language courses at the university for 1 semester or 1 year. Also, studying in Private Schools. These are also can be summer courses.

Chinese language courses

Scholarships for language courses in China

Learning Chinese for free in China is far from a myth. Free Chinese courses are a real opportunity to learn the language and enroll in a prestigious university. You can do all this completely free of charge.

Who can apply for the scholarship:

  • School graduates
  • College graduates
  • University graduates
  • Students in the last grades of school
  • Students for other secondary specialized institutions

The level of Chinese language proficiency for admission to free language courses in China is not critical. It will be taken into account after admission for group assignment.

Chinese language courses

7 reasons to choose language courses in China

  1. Learning the Chinese language with native speakers. The Chinese language has many dialects
  2. In China, you can also get an education in English. But language courses allow you to learn two languages for free.
  3. During one year students studying for 700-1000 academic hours. Attending lessons only several times in a week you can learn a language at a sufficient level.
  4. The coast of studying in big cities such as Beijing or Shanghai ranges from 2500-3500$ for one language year.  Our company offers language courses for free. While costs for living in the dormitory will vary from 0 to 1200$ per year.
  5. Testimonials about studying in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as in other big cities are very positive. This is a dream of many modern schoolchildren.
  6. Applicants after finishing language courses have good chances to get a scholarship to study in China for free.

If you are ambitious and want great prospects in studying in China – that is what you realy need.

How to apply for language courses

The admission process is very simple. You just need to consult with our consultants, they will help you to pick up the program and education institution. After making a choice you should pay a service charge and collect all documents. Upon receipt of the admission notice, you can fly to China.