Online Chinese Language Courses


Online Chinese Language Courses

Our team provides a great opportunity to participate in the online Chinese language courses. For many years we successfully help our students to enrol Chinese language courses. Now we give you a chance to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Chinese language online – without leaving your home. At the same time, the quality of acquired knowledge will be good enough as offline education. Since, among our team, you will see only qualified professionals in their field, raised by China.


All our teachers have many years of teaching experience. You can choose from both a native speaker and a local teacher. Our local teachers have been studied in China and spent most of their life living in the language environment. Each teacher has his own methodology of explaining teaching material in the most interesting and clear way. So you can easily find a mentor according to your preferences.

Learning process

For each level, we have a huge database of required materials. Our courses would not be limited to lectures and textbooks. During our Chinese language courses, you will also consolidate covered materials by watching TVshows and films, listening prepared podcasts. Improve your pronunciation not only by repeating dialogues but also by memorizing and singing songs in Chinese. Another good addition will be Chinese calligraphy writing courses. For achieving the great results you will have to work harder. Our team also will make every effort to make this process as productive and interesting as possible!

Our online Chinese language courses suit you if:

  • Don’t have the opportunity to study in China itself, for some reasons
  • Want to prepare for your departure to China
  • Are just interested in learning the Chinese language
  • Don’t want to waste time travelling to courses in your city
  • Want to learn Chinese in a comfortable environment

We will prepare you to live in China. After finishing our online Chinese language courses, you will master your Chinese and also immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Chinese culture. We will tell you about the nuances of life in Chinese cities, local cuisine, traditions and much more. After our online courses, you can safely flight to China and nit worry about the language barrier. Our teachers will correct your pronunciation and you will be able to easily explain in the Chinese markets and communicate on different topics with the locals.

It is also worth noting that with the help of our courses you will be able to prepare for the very important Chinese HSK exam. All our teachers (not native speakers) successfully passed this exam with high scores. They will explain not only the structure of the exam and how to prepare but also personal methods for the preparation. Based on the personal experience of preparing and passing the exam, they created formulas for successful preparation.

Advantages of our online Chinese language courses:

  • Individual approach both in a group and one-on-one with a teacher
  • Flexible and personalized schedule
  • Creative approach to the teaching process
  • Strict, multi-stage selection of teachers
  • Here and now: take lessons while sitting at home or with a cup of coffee in a cosy coffee shop
  • Free access to the base of materials

Also, do not forget that taking online Chinese courses will cost you several times less. If the financial side plays an important role for you, then this is a great alternative to Chinese language courses. Choosing online courses, you do not have to pay additional costs: tickets to China, expenses for accommodation and food in the city. All you need to do is pay for the course and start your studies as soon as possible.


Type of course Cost
Individual courses 15$/hour
Mini-group (5 people or less) 12$/hour
Maxi-group(15 people or less) 7$/hour

What you need to take online Chinese language courses:

  • Stable Internet connection
  • Laptop, computer, telephone or tablet
  • Headphones and microphone
  • 1,5 – 2 hours of free time per day
  • Strong desire to learn Chinese

If you have all of the above, then hurry up to register for our ONLINE Chinese language courses! Our consultants will help you to choose the type of course and a convenient time for you. Leave your application on our website or in the comments below.

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