First months in China: difficulties, understanding, love

First months in China could be very difficult to get used to. After moving to a new country, you just feel lost: your family, friends, lovely places – everything’s a thousand miles away. On the other hand, new sounds, smells, unknown streets and language are around you. What can throw you off-balance, and then become remembered and beloved? In this article, we will introduce you to all aspects of Chinese life. Also, you can find more information about studying in China by following that link.


Immediately accepted and blend in differently another world could be very difficult for many people, especially in China. China has its own multifaceted and unlike European culture, traditions and habits. Most of us know, how is it difficult to live without your favourite TV channels. And, of course, without homemade food. Most of all you miss simple things. Nevertheless, new culture makes you perceive the world differently: brighter, hotter and stronger. Maybe at first, you will feel lost, but it won’t take a month and you will enjoy everything new and unusual.

First months in China


Everyone fears this the most. During the initial period, hieroglyphs and tonality will prevent you from sleeping at night and worry you. However, not only a language but your thoughts and attitude will change. Your mind will be “readjusted” to the Chinese language and its further study will be easier.

First months in China

Communication with family and the Internet

Foreigners are constantly frightened and said that in China they will be cut off from the world, that there is no Internet in China. Firstly, there is Internet in China. Secondly, most of the familiar programs run smoothly. Thirdly, there are special plugins and browsers for everything else that is banned in China. For example, ZenMate is a plugin for Chrome and Firefox, easy to install, helps to bypass the blocking, VPN just opens in the browser. Tor has a worse speed, but you can use it too. So you shouldn’t worry, you can easily communicate with your family and friend despite the distance.

First months in China


Chinese food is very different from Western food. Initially it hard adjusting to unfamiliar food. A little spicy is a very spicy, one dish in a cafe is one dish and a bunch of small plates with various additives. However, there is one big advantage, that characterizes the Chinese healthy food cooked with love. Chinese always cook with a good attitude, without an acceleration of the cooking process.

First months in China

Weather and climate

China is a country of contrasts, and the weather is not exclusion. If in the east of the country rain is not uncommon, then in the west prevails arid climate.

One of the characteristics of the climate in China – monsoon winds. Cold north winds blow in winter, summer is hot, so the seasons abruptly replace each other.

Chinese climate

At the first time, it will be hard to adjust to climate change. Therefore, if you easily catch a cold, stock up on medicines while still in your own county. Cause in China you will not immediately understand the variety of Chinese medicines.


Chinese likely to simple and rational actions, that is why their proverbs and sayings are distinguished by impeccable logic and objectivity: “Do not forget the past, it is the teacher of the future”, “Happiness has come – be vigilant”. All their actions are imbued with pragmatism and enterprise. Now China is a developed and high-tech country, but old habits remain. The inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom are trying to find benefits and gain useful experience in everything. But no matter how it may seem that the Chinese are callous and mercantile, this is not so! The Chinese value friendship, take care of their family and know how to sincerely and passionately love.

First months in China

Do not be afraid of anything, do not listen to anyone – follow your dream, love yourself and others, love your native land and a new mysterious world, get a prestigious education in an amazing country!

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