Scholarships to study in China in 2021


Scholarships to study in China

Attention! We are opening recruitment of English-speaking students for scholarships to study in China in 2021. We have prepared for you information about enrolling for a grant in China.
During reading this article, you will know more information about: the availability of grants to Chinese universities, the procedure for submitting documents, the required conditions for admission.

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Requirements to study in China on a grant

Starting from October, we are pleased to announce the recruitment of students on a grant basis for 2021 (with enrollment for March and September).

Helpful sections of information:

  • How to apply for a scholarship?
  • Sign up to receive updates about grants to China
  • Information about grants that are already being recruited.
  • Applying for a grant enrollment service. We also recommend you to read  How much does it cost to study in China

About scholarships in China

Applications to scholarships in China are open from October and November till July.
We have many scholarships and about 10 types of them.

Let’s learn more about the main types.


Type of Scholarship Budget per one student Application deadline

China government Scholarships

66000 RMB/year
1st April

Provincial Scholarships

30000-40000 RMB/year June
Shanghai Government Scholarship 60000 RMB/year 20th April
Beijing Government Scholarship 30000 RMB/year 20th April
One Belt One Road 20000 RMB/year, without stipend 31st March

Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship

40000 RMB/year 15th April
Siemens Scholarship 160000 RMB/year 1st March
Scholarships provided by Chinese universities 10000-40000 RMB/year July

Grants by directions

  • Grants for studying the Chinese language.
    About 60% of our students choose this particular direction since knowledge of the Chinese language is required to study at the Chinese University on a grant or on a paid basis. If you are interested in this type of grant, we recommend filling out an application. As a rule, this type of grant is common in second-tier cities. Which is a good opportunity to save money and learn the language well? In this direction of the grant, scholarships are rarely issued.
  • Grants for undergraduate studies in China
    Grants are provided for both Chinese and English languages studying. As a rule, it is easier to learn in English (more details in this article) and less prospective. To apply for a quota, you must have already decided on a major. Otherwise, after receiving the JW 202 form, you will not be able to change it for a whole year.
    Depending on the type of grant for bachelor’s studies there are two scholarships: monthly or every semester.
  • China Medical Grants (MBBS)
    Admission to a medical major grant is extremely rare. More often there are semi-grant places or discounts. Despite this, many students study medicine in China for a fee. Average cost $6,000

General requirements

Bachelor  High School Graduate, age: up to 25
Masters  Bachelor’s degree, age: up to 35
Ph.D.  Master’s degree, age: up to 40
Good academic performance.
No criminal record.

Application process

Firstly, complete the online application form, then submit the upload documents to We will process your application.
In addition, the China Ministry of Education Scholarship Board will not process your application directly. They award all scholarships to various institutions around the world (universities and embassies, agencies).

There are about 2000 such institutions in total. Therefore, each institution processes and distributes scholarships in its own way. You can apply for the scholarship by yourself. For which, we are advising you to contact us or apply online. You can also submit documents to the university yourself, print documents on paper, and submit an application to an educational institution. And be encouraged to go in person if possible so that you can get feedback from the university.

You should submit 2 applications: on the China Scholarship Counselor website and on the university website.

It is very important to correctly prepare the documents. Please note that universities receive a very large number of documents and requests. Often, if you made a mistake in the submitted documents, you cannot get enrollment. However, sometimes the student admission office itself negligent in dealing with documents. It often happens that a university rejects applications without giving reasons. Most universities work with regional representatives and do not accept students themselves.

About documents

All documents must be submitted with a notarized copy, instructions can be found here.

The main advice is to apply as early as possible.

How to apply for scholarships to study in China

1. Send a request for consultation.
2. Create a personal account at and upload your passport, certificate (for the last year or half a year), language proficiency certificate.
3. After that, we will review your application.
You will receive an answer about receiving a grant within a week.
After that, we will send a list of universities where you can apply on a grant basis.

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