Our services


Our services

By requesting our services, using our platform, a team of experts on education in China, you can be guaranteed to enrol in Chinese educational institution as soon as possible.

We are very anxious for the popularization  of education in China. Daily our consultants help hundreds of students in various issues of studying in China.

If you have any questions or you are interrested in studying in China, please feel free to contact our consultants.

For many years of work, we own all the important information on studying in China. On our website, you can fully familiarize yourself with the types of scholarships provided. Also, you can find out detailed information about universities in China and read interesting articles about getting an education in China.

Консультации по обучению в Китае!

Мы помогаем студентам поступить в вузы Китая.

Заполните форму, чтобы мы смогли ответить на ваши вопросы 🙂

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List of services provided

  • Enrollment of a student for a paid program – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou
  • China college enrollment after grade 9
  • Scholarships for languages courses, bachelor’s, mater’s, Ph.D.
  • Education in medicine at universities MBBS
  • School enrollment in Beijing, Shanghai
  • Transfer and accommodation of students
  • Translation of documents

On our website, you can find articles about studying in

How is the application process going?

We are doing a contract with each client for enrollment in the agreed program. Our services ensure the safekeeping of confidential information and refund in cases of non-fulfilment of the terms of the contract.

We guarantee student enrollment. Over a long experience, we have concluded contracts and established close ties with most universities in China. It allows us to guarantee the safety of the client’s interests.

  1. The client contacts us and leaves a request on the website
  2. Consultant selects the program and university for the client
  3. The client forms a profile of an incoming student in a single system by the Department of Education of the PRC at apply.studyinchinas.com
  4. Consultant assists in collecting documents
  5. According to the criteria, the system applies for all types of grants available to the student, thereby guaranteeing the student’s admission to the scholarships from the Chinese universities


  • Academic education
  • Academic performance
  • Language proficiency
  • Desired program
  • Country


Types of scholarships for applying:

  1. Chinese Governmnet Scholarship
  2. Chinese Provincial Scholarship
  3. Beijing Government Scholarship
  4. Shanghai Government Scholarship
  5. One Belt – One Road, Jasmine and other

Cases that happened in our experience

Sometimes happens, when a client receives rejected. We would like to tell you about some cases, that we have ever faced:

The student was denied a visa. This happened only once. The student was denied a visa due to the parents’ problems with the law in the PRC. Of course, the consulate does not speak about it openly. Other rare cases were solved by renewing the passport and re-submitting.

The client hid his criminal record. Certificate of a criminal record is required.  If the student has a criminal record or an administrative fine, he may be denied admission. Most students shouldn’t be afraid of this.

Violation of the laws of the PRC. If a student prosecution or has fines in China, then this is a reason for the refusal.

The client provided fake data. The veracity of the data and documents provided by the client is solely on his responsibility. In case of finding out untruthfulness, the client gets rejected.

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