You have a great opportunity to receive the Chinese Governmnet Scholarship. One of the most important choices in our lives is choosing a profession and educational institution. China attracts international students from all over the world with high quality of education, benefit and quotas.

Chinese Government Scholarship gives a chance to study for free in leading universities.

Chinese Government Scholarship

For today in China studying more than 450.000 foreign students from Europ, USA, India, Russia, CIS Countries, South-East Asia. Over the past 10 years, the number of international students studying in China had increased by almost 4 times. Distinguished alumni receive beneficial contracts and continue to stay in China for work.

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Who can apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship:

  • Chinese-speaking students
  • Students wishing to study in English
  • With excellent academic performance
  • Wishing to apply for Chinese language programs

Chance of success

Foreign students can apply for the Chinese Governmnet Scholarship for full or partial awards. Annually, around 40.000 quotas for studying bachelor’s, master’s or P.h.D. programs. Demand for studying in China far above the available seats that creates a competitive environment. And we know, how to increase your chance of getting the Chinese Government Scholarship. So, feel free to contact our consultants or leave your questions in the comments. 

First of all, you should know that the odds of success are very low. Since all excellent students apply for that quota. But we know to increase your chances!

Annually we process hundreds of students for that type of scholarship. University staff neglect the organization of that competition. Our company has long experience in working with universities. We submit applications directly to the commission. So, your application will be 100% checked. That way increases the chance of our students.


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How to become a happy scholar

Application deadline for the Chinese Governmnet Scholarship from the 1st of January till the 30th of April. Better submit documents well in advice.

Not everyone may expect to receive the Chinese Governmnet Scholarship.  Preference is given to candidates with an excellent performance from the last educational institution, confident knowledge of English, Chinese languages, history and culture of China.

The level of Chinese language greatly increases chances. Students credited without knowledge of the Chinese language during the first year studying a language on the foundation program. They also should take the HSK examination and only after passing can continue their studying on the chosen major.

Here you can learn more about HSK examination

In selecting the university pay attention to the city.

Chinese Government Scholarship

Learning and living environment in China

  1. Candidates who were awarded the Chinese Governmnet Scholarship will receive student visas and health insurance. With a student visa you can not work legally in China.
  2. Lump-sum payment: 10001500 yuan.
  3. Monthly stipend: bachelor’s – 1400 yuan, master’s – 1700 yuan, P.h.D. – 2000 yuan.
  4. Free accommodation in comfortable dormitories in single and double rooms.
  5. Studying duration is  2-7 years, depends on major and program.

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