Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship is going contest in China. Chinese Government Scholarship is one of the most profitable quotas for international students in China. This award bears all the costs of students’ studying. Exists only one minus – is the difficulty of obtaining that award. annually, students from 170 countries apply more than 9.000 applications for the Chinese Governmnet Scholarship. Only 15% of them receive that award. Candidate should have high level of Chinese or English language proficiency. Also, should have excellent academic performance. You need to understand that the competition is huge.

Chinese Government Scholarship

Service of enrolment for the Chinese Government Scholarship

  • Chose the university.
  • Contact our consultants on website. The consultant checks the available quota for the chosen university on the list.
  • Together with the consultant, you are choosing major and passing documents (HSK, IELTS) for the preliminary review.
  • Upon confirmation, you need to collect all documents.
  • Tip: try to start process as soon as possible.

We apply your documents directly to 2 types of scholarships.

First – provincial scholarship. Second – government scholarship. For example, in 2018 we had received answers about enrolment on 10-18 of August. And one of every two was denial. Those students were able to continue studying with provincial scholarships.

If you receive the Chinese Governmnet Scholarship, you need to pay the second part of our services. Otherwise, if you receive the Chinese Provincial Scholarship, you also need to pay the second part.

Service Charges:

1-tranche- 400$
2-tranche- the Chinese Governmnet Scholarship: 650$, the Chinese Provincial Scholarship: 600$

Services are paid in any convenient for you way.

The difference between the Chinese Government Scholarship and Provincial Scholarship

Chinese Government Scholarship: free tuition, stipend 400-500$ per month.

Chinese Provincial Scholarship: at least free tuition, in some universities free accommodation or stipend.

In 2018 87% of our students were enrolled on the Chinese Provincial Scholarship since requirements are less strict. By using our services, you receive 100% guarantee of enrolment.

To learn more about the scholarship, feel free to contact with our consultants.

More information you can find on that website.