Education and study in China for foreigners

Every year the demand for specialists with knowledge of the Chinese language in the world is growing. The rapid growth of the economy and a solid place of the relevant companies of China in the world market; this is the prospect of excellent employment.
Today, many people seek higher education in universities, where the invariably high-quality education in China for International students; its cost remains quite affordable.

China – economic miracle

  • The world’s second largest economy with a GDP of over $10.8 trillion.
  • The turnover of Chinese international e-Commerce reached $920 billion.
  • AliExpress, Huawei, Lenovo are known all over the world.

Be a part of this miracle. The continued growth of the Chinese economy provides unique opportunities in business, e-commerce, and trade.

The study in China – the benefits

Today, studying in China for international students is considered to be the best option for several reasons. First, China is considered to be the country with the most dynamic economic growth worldwide. Secondly, if a few years ago came here mostly students from nearby countries, today is dominated by residents from Central Asia, Africa, South America.

The reason is simple: studying in China for foreign students attractive in terms of low pay, and if the student receives scholarships and discounts. The third component of the fashion for studying in China for foreigners is the opportunity to learn a special Oriental culture, get the necessary acquaintances, see a lot of interesting things and learn Chinese.

In addition, the level of educational programs meets international requirements, and many Western universities open their offices in the territory of this state. And another good bonus is the loyal attitude of the people of China to Russian citizens who come here to study.

How to start admission to study in China for Foreign Students

Modern education in China for the inbound students does not require large financial investments, so almost every student can take advantage of this opportunity. A significant advantage for foreign students is that you can enroll at university after graduation school or college, just having a certificate of education and transcript. For more information contact us!

If you looking for a scholarship to study in China, you can go to gain knowledge at your own expense. To do this, choose a University, contact us, fill out an application on our website and download the following documents:

  • University questionnaire for studying in China for International students;
  • copy of the registration fee payment receipt;
  • copy of the passport and documents of education.

After the student receives an invitation from the University to the address specified in the questionnaire, you can apply for a visa at the Consulate. As a rule, Chinese universities for inbound students accept documents in the spring but specify on an individual basis.

Chinese Language courses

A student who comes to study the Chinese language in China universities, studying several disciplines. Mandatory-grammar, speech and reading, and the choice can take technical subjects, a course on Chinese culture, practice in writing essays, etc.

Exams will have to take twice a semester or the results of the study of each topic – a couple of times a month. The level of knowledge, solid education and practical skills will be a runway for a dynamic and promising career.

International learning environment

  • Students from more than 80 countries, including Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.
  • Acquaintances, friends and future business partners from all over the world.
  • Language practice not only for Chinese but also for English

Be a part of the community of leaders and innovators of the XXI century to be the creators of the ongoing progress together!

The study in China – travel and new impression

  • China is a combination of ancient culture and high-tech modernity
  • Different cities and climatic zones: a super-modern metropolis-Shanghai, full of historical sites – Beijing, a resort town by the sea-Weihai and many others
  • China is connected to a network of high-speed trains and airports for fast and comfortable travel
  • More than 8 kinds of national cuisines of China

Be part of an exciting adventure, visit modern cities, ancient temples, and palaces, immerse yourself in the nature and culture of such different China.

The high level of the Chinese educational system

  • 54 Chinese universities are in the world top 500, ranking 2nd in the number of universities in the ranking
  • More than 300,000 international students study in China, including 24,000 from the US, 11,000 from France, and 8,000 from Germany
  • China is investing in its educational system about $ 1 trillion. yuan annually ($164 billion)

Be a part of the world-class education system, get skills and diploma that will allow you to successfully find a job.

China is global

  • Chinese is the second language of international business
  • “Learn Chinese, it’s the language of opportunity and your future well-being!”- a poster with this inscription can be found on the streets of Paris
  • Chinese is one of the most promising languages in the world, gaining popularity far beyond China
  • In 2016, the Chinese business made up 742 mergers and acquisitions with companies from 73 countries
  • The value of the relevant contracts reached $107.2 billion

Be a part of global China. After graduation from a Chinese University, you will be able to work in the largest Russian, Chinese and international companies, engage in science and education, or open your own business.

Continued progress and innovation

  • The largest market of robotics
  • Among the top 5 smartphone manufacturers are three Chinese companies
  • Leadership in bioengineering: genome editing, research in the field of cancer medicine, spine replacement-all this is happening in China
  • High-speed trains, reaching speeds of 487.3 kilometers per hour
  • 2nd place in terms of production of drones

Be part of the largest innovation revolution in the world, pushing the boundaries of what is possible