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What is HSK Chinese language exam?

International exam for Chinese language HSK

What are the benefits of a certificate of successful completion of the HSK exam?

First, it is a positive assessment of knowledge of the spoken Chinese language, and secondly, additional points when applying for a scholarship to Study in China, or job, receiving financial assistance for an internship in China and, of course, when entering Chinese universities.

Schedule of exams for the HSK for 2019

Note that there are three types of tests, including written —HSK, oral — HSKK, and General test for children under 14 years — YCT. All of them are registered and paid separately. You can pass HSK in your country, in Confucius ‘ office.

Last day of applications (till 12:00) HSK exam dates for 2019 Type of exam
aprx. 21 September 2019 19 October 2019 HSK, HSKK
aprx. 19 October 2019 23 November 2019 YCT
aprx. 22 November 2019 21 December 2019 HSK, HSKK

More about HSK

The HSK exam includes six levels and is conducted in a test form. During the test, you will need to pass an audition, demonstrate a wealth of vocabulary, reading and writing skills. To pass the exam correctly, you need to answer 60% of the questions.

Level Min. vocabulary The quality of preparation of the applicant for the successful completion of the level Structure Duration Approximate cost Passing score
HSK1 150 Basic knowledge of grammar, the capability to apply plain words and phrases for everyday use. Listening, reading 40 min. 200-300 USD 120
HSK2 300 Basic knowledge of grammar, the capability to maintain a conversation on the most common topics in everyday life. Listening, reading 40 min. 200-300 USD 120
HSK3 600 Ability to support simple conversations on topics common in the domestic and professional spheres of life. Also should be mastered topics related to the passage of excursions in China. Listening, reading, writing 40 min. 200-300 USD 120
HSK4 1200 Ability to talk briefly in Chinese with native spokesman regardless of the chosen topic. Additional language learning is also required Listening, reading, writing 40 min. 200-300 USD 120
HSK5 2500 Ability to read periodicals in Chinese, to understand films and TV programs, to make a speech in Chinese in front of the audience. Additional language learning is also required Listening, reading, writing 40 min. 200-300 USD 120
HSK6 6000 The ability to easily perceive oral and written speech in Chinese, as well as to freely Express their thoughts and speak to the audience.
Be sure to additional language learning for a long time
Listening, reading, writing 40 min. 200-300 USD 120

The oral exam has three levels, which include retelling, answering questions and reading aloud.

Level According to the HSK level Minimum vocabulary Structure Duration Approximate cost Passing score
HSK. Beginer HSK1-2 200 retelling, written and oral responses 17 min. 200-300 USD 60
HSK. Intermediate HSK3-4 900 retelling, picture description, answers to questions 21 min. 220-320 USD 60
HSK. Advanced HSK5-6 3000 retelling, reading aloud, answering questions 24 min. 230-330 USD 60

Registration procedure

To pass the HSK exams in 2018 in Moscow, you must register on the single website of HSK, as well as pay for participation. On the day of the test you will need a completed application form, a copy of the passport, 2 photos 3×4 and a pass to participate in the exam. Please note that the application form must be completed in English, and the payment made for participation is not refundable, regardless of the test results.

Obtaining an HSK certificate of completion

You can find out your results a month after passing the exam on the official website of the test.

Certificate of successful completion of the international exam is an official document of the Department of education of China and is quoted internationally. The document is indefinite, but for enrolment to Chinese universities, you will need the latest results, since the receipt of which took no more than two years.

We remind you that the HSK exam is a certificate of a good knowledge of everyday Chinese, which is not enough to study in Chinese universities. However, the presence of the certificate will be your advantage upon receipt.

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