Agencies to study in China needed

Hello everyone!

Currently our company is looking for partners in Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa.

We offer scholarships to study at different partner universities in China and want you to become a partner helping to recruit students to our programs.
In the following video, I will talk shortly about the programs we are currently offering, the guarantees we provide, and about our team.

Some examples of our programs

We offer scholarships for annual Chinese courses at proven partner universities, which are experienced in working with foreign students. The tuition is free in Changsha and accommodation in a 2-bed dormitory costs around 8,000 RMB per student per year.
For the Bachelor Program, we have places with free tuition and free accommodation including the possibility of obtaining a monthly stipend at a university in Hainan Island.
For the master’s program, we offer places with free tuition, accommodation, and stipends (about 1000-3000 RMB) at a university in Shanghai.

Compared to other recruiting companies, we charge the lowest prices possible for our services.
In addition, we guarantee student enrollment and in case the student is not accepted we will refund the total costs paid, since we are interested in a long-term cooperation with you.

About our team

Our team was established in 2014 and our main focus lies on the enrollment of students from Russian-speaking countries. Until 2019, we were able to enroll about 700 students in universities in China, most of them coming from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine.

Furthermore, I also consider it important to answer your questions

– so why are we looking for more partners?

The reason is that our partner universities in China want to become more international and diversified by enrolling more students from all over the world and not only from Russian-speaking countries.
In the description of this video, you can find links to the information about our team in order to familiarize yourself more with it.

If you want to join and would like to know more about our program or just to chat.

Do not hesitate to contact us!
I am looking forward to hear from you.

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