Afzal Yussupov

study in china

I entered the University through Now I’m studying in a language school of Hunan Agricultural University, in the beginning, the lessons were in English, now teachers try to speak Chinese. Like, it is specific, but it can be adapted. I’m almost 2 weeks here. I like Changsha city!

Afzal Hunan

Anastasia Belenskaia

study in chinas

My name is Anastasia. 2 years ago my friend went to study in China through your company in South China University of Technology. And she recommended your service. Now I’m in Guangzhou studying Chinese language. Will contact you later after I’ll get HSK 4.

Anastasia Guangzhou

Ksenia Raminova

study in china

This year I decided to study in China through I really like the culture, people, atmosphere. Chinese language training is intensive. I am studying Chinese and plan to continue my studies in my specialty. Thank you, guys.

Ksenia from Russia

HDU review from Anna, from Ukraine

отзыв обучение в Ханчжоу

Hello! My name is Anna and I am from Ukraine. I study at Dianzi University in Hangzhou, China, and I really like it. A good teaching staff and  highly qualified teachers give a really good education. Many of them educated abroad.

About Hangzhou

The city is very beautiful, and the prices of food, accommodation and studying are reasonable. Classes begin in the morning, then a lunch break, and then we have classes again. In the evening, free time: students have a rest or prepare notes for the next day, or devote these hours to self-improvement.

About education

There are 20 people in the group where I study, many of them from other countries, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, African countries, Indonesia, Korea. Therefore, we can make a lot of  foreign friends. I really want to help my country, to participate in the improvement of the economy of Ukraine with the help of Chinese investments, therefore, in addition to specialization, I study Chinese very well.


The dining room of the university is tasty and not expensive, there are different cuisines (Chinese, European, fast food) and the same food that is familiar to us, potatoes, rice, chicken, salads.


Anna Khmelnichtsaya

Umit, Kazakhstan, NUIST

Umit, Kazakhstan, Nanjing University of Information Sciences and Technologies

Hello to all! I am Zholamanova Umit, I arrived in Nanjing from the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. The first year I will take language preparatory courses, and then I plan to continue my studies at the undergraduate degree. In the hostel I have a single room, there is a bed and two closets, air conditioning and a bathroom. In general, I really like this city, so I advise you to come here to study at NUIST.

Umit, Kazakhstan

Malika, Kazakhstan

Hi, my name is Malika. I came to study in China, because this country and people living here are very interesting for me. I was very surprised by the development of the state. People are open, and when they see that you are a foreigner, they will definitely help. It inspired me to travel to another city during the winter holidays. I also like the language itself, it is especially interesting to listen to how the locals speak. I try to repeat after them, they speak quickly, but you still understand the meaning. For me, the most important thing in learning a language is to learn words and not being lazy!

Malika, Kazakhstan

Nagiya Shaimerdenova, Parent, Kazakhstan

Hello! I am the mother of a student who last year entered Chansha University. Very grateful and pleased with the company that helped us. There was a difficult choice of where to study, but after talking with the manager and director of the company, there was no doubt to go to study in China. I am very pleased not only with their professionalism, but also with the attitude to children. Representatives of the company went along with the students, helped them with a dorm, showed everything and told about the city. As you know not every company takes on such responsibility! Of course, my younger children will also go to study with the help of your company! Thank you for opening a new world and opportunities for my son!

Nagiya Shaimerdenova

Batyr, Kazakhstan

My name is Batyr, I studied in the specialty “Chinese teacher”. I came to China, Chansha City, in order to see this other life, to know the country from the inside, to develop as a personality, because, many say, the more places you visit, the more global you will think. I also chose this city because Mao Zedong lived here, a significant person in the history of China; I was wondering how he lived and what inspired him. After passing the language training, I plan to enroll in the same university for the master degree. My little advice: if you want to enroll and study in China, you have to be very diligent, starting with language courses.

Batyr, Kazakhstan