About Us

We welcome You on our website. Since 2014, we send students to study in China. Our first clients were from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Every year we were improving our relations with Chinese universities, and from 2018, we started to enroll students from Africa (Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania) and South American continents (Venezuela, Brazil). Annually we enlist more than a thousand students into universities of China. Most of them are on scholarship basis.

Chinese universities have high standards of education

Chinese universities have high standards of education, the best level of laboratory facilities, a wide range of books and data in their libraries. Teaching staff is also of great value in universities. Each of our students notices how well teachers teach in the first few weeks and encourage the efforts of foreign students.

Chinese universities provide students not only with competitive knowledge, but also with an opportunity to meet and be friends with students from other countries. You cannot even imagine how international the universities in China are.

China opens a lot of new opportunities after graduation. China has a leading position in the global economy, where our students are given the opportunity to work in hundreds of international companies in China or in Chinese companies in their countries.

Based on our understanding on how many prospects education in China opens, our team is in a hurry to open the doors of China for all willing students from all over the world.

You will not regret choosing China as a place to study.

You are of crucial importance to us!

First of all, we are always in touch! Given that our customers are located around the globe, we are doing our best to answer any question or call in a prompt manner. You can contact us at any time through the website, WhatsApp, Email, and Facebook.

We will enlist You in the best universities in China

It is already 4 years that we have been working in partnership with the best universities in Beijing and Shanghai. 35 of these universities are in the TOP-200 of the world-wide QS rating.

We send annually more than 1,000 students both for self-paid education as well as on a scholarship basis.

We provide for scholarships in the top 250 universities in China. This type of assistance to clients is one of the main activities of our team. You can learn more from this article about the types of scholarships for studying in China.

We accompany students. At the universities with more than 100 students, we accompany those students and manage their accommodation. 2-3 months before the beginning of studies, we announce the dates of arrival and wait for students from all over the world to gather at the airport or at the university; then we carry orientation activities for them both inside the campus of the university and in the city.

We are an international team

Our team is one big family. Our team employs the most ambitious representatives of Central Asian countries, African countries, South America, Southeast Asia and Europe.