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We are experts on education in China.

If You use our website and assistance of expert team on education in China, You will be able to enroll in China at shortest  time.

We are so excited with the idea of ​​popularizing education in China, that we provide the majority of services free of charge.

Our team of consultants helps daily hundreds of students on various educational issues in China. The following link provides for the most frequently asked questions about studying in this country: studyinchinas.com/faq.

Throughout our 4-years work experience, we collected all the information on education in China, and we are ready to share it with You for free. Therefore, we first publish a list of free services:

Free services

Online consultant – You can address both the questions of choosing a university or a profession, as well as about the collection of documents or self-admission to the university.

Self-enrollment in the TOP-50 universities in China. You come to our website, choose a university, submit documents and get a full consultation on enrollment and education absolutely for free.

Paid services

Admission to the university on scholarship basis. You can get a scholarship to study in China for any profession. To do this, You need to contact a consultant. A list of universities that provide grants and scholarships with information on probabilities of admission can be found at this link – studyinchinas.com/scholarships-to-study-in-china.

In order to start the process of preparing for the scholarship-based enrollment, You need to fill out this form.

All the detailed information about the types of scholarships and their description can be found here.

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