Hunan Normal University

Hunan Normal University

In a very well-known city rich for its overwhelming ancient and cultural heritage, Changsha, there is a Hunan Normal University, was discovered in a thousand nine hundred thirty-eight. As a contemporary and extensive commercial establishment with diverse subjects, the institution has been listed in the list of Universities in “211 Project”. It has also been considered to be country’s 100th main academic institution in this century that has plays a vital role in the educational system.

Hunan Normal University Scholarship

Hunan Normal University offers many grants for all students come from foreign countries and regions. These are some of them: free access to libraries, free tuition, different scholarships according to your degree bachelor, master or doctoral are available! You can contact our consultants to get more information.


For the last 70 years of extensive evolvement, Hunan Normal University operates twenty-three schools, four departments of education, fifty-two study centers. What is more, it is an owner of two main local subjects, twenty disciplines on a municipal level and eight branches of science that are under the direct jurisdiction of “211 Project” The university provides scholars with seventy-one programs for bachelors, one hundred fifty programs intended for master presenters and sixty for doctoral degree owners.

Moreover, there are eleven study stations designated for those defending doctoral candidacy, thirteen analytical foundations and preparation centers and three labs that were established in collaboration with Commission governing education in the country.

Staff, students

Hunan Normal University, it has instructed and studied an excess of two hundred thousand pupils, among those, four thousand are overseas individuals (Shanghai, Taipei, Beijing) who have already managed to become successful employees in their motherland as well as outside the country. These days, there are thirty-one thousand enrollees, school leavers and overseas scholars are being taught in the dorm.

The scholastic personnel comprises eight hundred ninety instructors and docents working on a regular basis, including some experts are from the Chinese School of Engineering. Hunan Normal Universities strongly focuses its attention on academic and cultural interchanges with other academic establishments globally. What is more, it has appealed roughly two hundred individuals and lecturers for the purpose of doing exploratory work from more than eighteen political territories. Additionally, it has already set up successful connections with approximately a hundred academic institutions of tertiary education.

University in numbers

Regarding the library, it has a huge set of more than three million literature with various publications both in Chinese and foreign language editions. Furthermore, twelve educative editions are lashed out to the public. Hunan Normal University operates a publishing company which is called Hunan Normal University Press.

In total, five dormitories occupy an area of hundred forty-three sq. kilometers with its floor taking up almost one million square meters. The major part of both old and modernized dormitories were established not far from the Yuelu Mountain and next to Xiangjiang River. The territory serves as a perfect place for scholars with beautiful views, eco-friendly zones.

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Name 湖南师范大学
City Changsha
Ranking in China 110
International ranking 1154
Undergraduate 3785 USD/year
Postgraduate 4655 USD/year
Accommodation 200 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/mon.
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 102
Deadline 30th June
Students 24,000
Foreign students 400
Location 36 Lushan Road, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan, China
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