Nanjing Normal University



Nanjing Normal University is situated in the Nanjing city, historically main city of 6 dynasties. The university is a principal university of the province of Jiangsu, and is listed as a member of the two-one-one plan. One of the formers of this university is Sanjing Normal College founded in 1901. After that year, its name changed and changed from “Liangjian Normal College”, “Nanjing Normal College”, “Southeast University”, “Central University”, and finally, “Nanjing Normal University”. Another former is Huiven College opened in 1890 that promoted to the Jinlin University from the combining Jinlin college of Women and science and this college.

Nanjing Normal University


In the time of undergoing and reformation of Chinese educational organizations and departments, Nanjing master’s high school was born from the amalgamations of several divisions of Nanjing university and Jinlin University and plus some other educational departments. It got Nanjing normal University in February 1980 and in 2001, joint with the Nanjing College of dynamics. Now, this university offers a wide range of long suit in different fields like economy, marketing, management, natural sciences, literature, pedagogy, engineering and law.


Nanjing Normal University offers many grants, and scholarships for over 1,000 undergraduate, graduate and PhD degree oversea students. If you want to get the grants and scholarships, you can support our consultants.



Nanjing Normal University

The university is working as the home of preparing skillful teachers in the state. It has fostered a high number of teachers by the time. Currently, it has lots of educationists those are very famous in china and in abroad with publishing, researching and teaching. The all works and supports to the state of the teachers was appeared because of academical traditions based on truth and you can see them from the universities’ mottos and slogans.

Internationalized high school

Internationalized high school of Nanjing Normal University was built in 1995. Nanjing Normal University is not only one of the first universities those opened for its learners to foreign countries, but is also one of the first universities to recruit foreign scholars. The university is permitted by the MOE of the P.R.C to become the alone university with the courses of Chinese-language and offering Chinese-language and sinology disciplines for Bachelor degreed overseas. It had a good reputation in the province as being the leading educational institution of Chinese-language for foreign collegians, in 2000. After three years, the university was entitled as “Educational department of China” by the MOE.

In 1990, the high school has built Chinese-language and sinology of bachelor degrees. Long termed scholars, which study 2 semester in the university, contain the learners of languages, scholars of Chinese-languages with the levels of doctoral, master, and bachelor. Short termed scholars are separated into various forms depending on their level of these disciplines: languages, painting, PE, history and culture. As being licensed from the government, the university has built a testing Centre of H.S.K, conferring oversea collegians with certifications of H.S.K.

Relationships in abroad

At these days, Nanjing Normal University enrolls nearly 2,000 scholars come from 70 countries. In 2002, 1100 long termed collegians and short termed 700 collegians studied in the university’ campus. It is in the first place among all universities to enroll foreigners in Jiangsu, and in the fourteenth in the state.

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Name 南京 师范大学
City Nanjing
Ranking in China 63
International ranking 745
Undergraduate 3043 USD/year
Postgraduate 3912 USD/year
Accommodation 200 USD/month
Cost of living 370 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 118
Deadline 30th June
Students 32,789
Foreign students 1,600
Location 122 Ninghai Rd, Gulou Qu, Nanjing Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China

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