Ningxia Medical University


Ningxia Medical University Then and Now

Ningxia Medical University, established in 1957 as a college with the title of “Ningxia Medical College”. In 1982, it was approved to promote itself into complete-disciplined university and after that, it has been started to be recognized as “Ningxia Medical University”.

Ningxia Medical University

It is situated in the Ningxia region of the Yinchuan province, which is well-known as a diamond of the Great-wall’s north. Since the establishment, it has developed own specialties subjects, teachers’ qualifies, researches, infrastructure, and scientific projects enhanced advantages of these developed things and reduced the disadvantages. In consequence, now it is a key national medical-oriented university, is famous likewise universities and has qualified and efficient educating matters.


University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.

In recent years, many students have come to this university to study, and to be granted with scholarships. Therefore, the university is incorporated with local and governmental companies to provide students with grants and scholarships until 2022. To get full information, please get in touch with our consultants.

Ningxia Medical University

Ningxia Medical University in numbers

The university is placed in a beautiful zone of 12km2 (2km2 is under construction) with 2 campuses. It has a big library that stores over 800,000 books. In spite of spending a lot of money on the library and the constructions, the budget of it is closing to 1,000,000 Yuan and for 40 years, it has grown 23,542 grads.

Information about schooling

Ningxia Medical University offers important disciplines of the medicines of the west and China, and other subjects of various branches of medicine, being a complete and advanced disciplined university. It owes three types of schooling schemes: postgraduate’s degree schemes, undergraduates’ degree schemes, and 3-year diploma schemes. It is composed of 17 colleges, 6 associated clinics, 13 schooling hospitals and 72 special bases for practicing.

Ningxia Medical University


Ningxia Medical University possesses students’ body of approximately 10,000, involving also 180 postgraduates and 250 foreign students. Over 2000 masters those include 300 professional experts and the personnel of associated clinics, are employed by the administration of the university to teach these students.

Foreign partnership

The university has done so many great efforts to exchange students and to have partnerships from foreign countries. So, today it has a lot of health-care and medical-specialized universities, companies, and enterprises from many countries like USA, UK, Korea, Germany, Russia, Turkey, so on, as a result.

Foreign students

In 1992, Ningxia Medical University opened its doors widely for international foreign students and not planning to close them. Instead of that, it is making it wider and wider. Reason of that is in 2003, it began to teach students with English courses of diagnosing and psychological fields of medicine. In coming years, foreign students will be undoubtedly provided with the full-disciplined English courses and more comfortable studying atmosphere.

Name 宁夏医科大学
City Yinchuan
Ranking in China 199
International ranking 2087
Undergraduate 4335 USD/year
Postgraduate 4335 USD/year
Accommodation 150 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 75
Deadline 15th July
Students 8,000
Foreign students 102
Location 692 Shengli St, Xingqing Qu, Yinchuan Shi, Ningxia Huizuzizhiqu, China

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