Tianjin Medical University


Tianjin Medical University

Tianjin Medical University was established in 1950 as a high-school. The 1st director of the university was master Hsein Ichu. In 1990, it was licensed by the council of sciences to work as a university and got the present name.

Universidad Médica de Tianjin

The ministry of education agreed with joining the provincial second-rate clinic to the Tianjin Medical University. In January 2001, the university was one of the lucky 100 universities, which tested the exam of “two-one-one” enterprise, aiming at cultivating world level universities in China, successfully.

Tianjin Medical University Scholarship

Tianjin Medical University is offering Scholarship Program for international students of the academic year 2019-2020. To get more information contact our consultants.

Universidad Médica de Tianjin

Detailed information about university

Currently, the director Ha hishan and the director of the commission of MOE Yan Talu are managing Tianjin Medical University, has territory of 40km2. Tianjin Medical University owes 9,500 faculty members, about 17,000 collegians, containing 10,000 undergrads, 5,500 grads, 1,500 PhDs, and 11 high-schools that disciplined with the subjects in these fields: psychological drugs, anesthetics, clinic picturing, dentistry, pharmacy, biochemistry and plus three modular post doctorate centers, 51 doctorate programmes, utilized by 256 senior masters and 531 associate masters.


In 1983, the ministry of Education of the Chinese government authorized to offer master’s levels, bachelor’s levels and doctorate level. In 1987, the ministry of education gave a license to tryout the medical tuition system of 7 years. At present, Tianjin Medical University possesses a great staff of high-qualified teachers, contains 50 advisory teachers for PhD grads, two academics of the Academy of Engineering. Moreover, Tianjin Medical University is actively making whole programmes efficient and evolved, which granting students with MB, MM, and MD levels. 70 programmes for MBs, 38 for MMs and 16 for MDs are being utilized effectively. In addition, it possesses 37 clinics, offer 10,000 rooms for internships. This university has opened 43 faculties with the power to grant students with grad levels, 15 with the power to grant doctorate levels and 4 to grant post doctorates in R&D centers.

Tianjin Medical University has created 314 platforms and printed 20,000 references. All of them were estimated highly by oversea senior academics. An archive of the university is very large and keeping 900,000 volumes. The archive has special rooms, provided with modern technologies, computers, which connected to an unique system lets users to access free and unlimited to online eBook websites such as openlibrary.org, gutenberg.org, goodreads.com, etc.

Educational fields

Here are some native and provincial principal educational fields of the schooling system: native and oversea surgery, provincial education of endocrinology & insulin resistance syndrome, psychology, clinical picturing, Urology and strong education of the heart and blood vessels, Simple operation, Biology and immune system, Preparing dentists and optometrists. Additionally, Tianjin Medical University has 8 inquiry colleges, one main laboratory of the health protection agency and 6 affiliated clinics.

Since the foundation of national project called “6th 5-year”, about 500 scientific blueprints and schemes have been assumed with high points by experts and special commission members, among them, 5 are very popular and 184 are high-ranked in the abroad, 362 are regularly boasted in China. These blueprints were surely awarded, 203 of them awarded by native and provincial governance, like 18 winnings from High technologies contest Awards. In the past 30 years, the body staff of R&D centers finished 700 jobs and printed out 5000 academical documents.

Tianjin Medical University holds many grants and awards for scholars with various degrees, namely Zu-hiangi doctor grants, scholarships for Public, Zhyu Xiang-Yi grants for talented medics, Prizes for advanced engineering collegians, Cheng Lu De Prizes for nurseries and modern treatment, Kichang and ZianXu scholarship.

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Name 天津医科大学
City Tianjin
Ranking in China 52
International ranking 1329
Undergraduate 5965 USD/year
Postgraduate 6546 USD/year
Accommodation 195 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 110
Deadline 30th June
Students 10,000
Foreign students 954
Location No22.Qixiangtai Rd.,Heping Dist,Tianjin, China
Website www.tmu.edu.cn

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