Tianjin Normal University


Background and territory

Tianjin Normal University history

Tianjin Normal University was established in 1954 as Tianjin Normal College. It was formally established as a university in 1980 and the title was changed to the current “Tianjin Normal University”. In May 2000, it was permitted to integrate Tianjin Masters Preparing Institute, Tianjin Academy and the early Tianjin Normal University by the ministerial Council of education. in March 2002, Building scheme in these combined institution’s areas were licensed by the Tianjin province government. The total space of the university is 9km2 (new departments included). Today, the buildings are ready to use and most of them (4km2) are servicing to students.


Tianjin Normal University is offering the following grants for foreign students:
• Grants for the fees of the tuition and accommodation
• Several scholarships for undergraduates and graduates who can speak English fluently
• Free annual Chinese language course.
You can support to the consultation on our website, for detailed information about grants.

Teaching bases

Tianjin Normal University runs 25 schools, one associated school, 50 R&D bases and 93 majors for bachelor levels (60 majors are four yearly, 23 majors are 2 yearly). The university is developing its schooling programs, many training disciplines and awards: academical degrees and qualification (diplomas), as it offers them in many subjects and at all levels.

Tianjin Normal University programs

They conferred all disciplines of undergrads and postgraduates. Tianjin Normal University is proud of a R&D base of Psychology and behavior, which is one of the leading ones in sciences of socialism and humanity by the Ministerial Council of education, Tianjin laboratory of new methods and techniques of pedagogues, a civil laboratory of protection water, and a R&D base of socialism and politics. In addition. It has one associated intermediate college and one associated upper college.


The university owns a large body of scholars of 45,000, which include 16,000 undergrads, 8,000 PhD levels and master levels, 2,000 with no diplomas master schemes, 1,600 in the master majors of intermediate and pre-intermediate schools, over 1,000 overseas, about 12,000 in the further and vocational educations and 3,000 in majors of intermediate teaching colleges. The number of the faculty members of the university is 2,867, which include 1,568 full time masters, 589 expert lecturers and associated lecturers, and 87 doctorate supervisors.

Teaching programs

Tianjin Normal University owes 4 first-grade teaching programs for doctorates, 23 second-grade programs for doctorates, 12 first-grade master schemes, and 101 second-grade master schemes. As leading these teaching schemes, Tianjin Normal University excels on the basis of explorations, teaching subjects and other implemented subjects those are serving the promotion of economy and the society of China. This multi-disciplinary teaching and researching university is giving priority to master majors as the main feature of the university.

Great relationships

Tianjin Normal University schemes

The university has made great relationships with more than 60 institutes and universities in 27 countries, and has brought 84 oversea professionals from 12 counties, with its principles of openness to the whole world. The teaching schemes for overseas are comprised of short and long termed schemes in Chinese-language and in undergrads’ and postgrads’ education. Therefore, Tianjin Normal University is enjoying popularity in china and foreign countries. Meanwhile, in September 2005, the university has built a college of Confucius, which was first educational Chinese institution in Kenya.

Moreover, Tianjin Normal University is listed as the leading 90 Chinese universities those are receiving foreign scholars, are being granted by the governmental scholarships of China. There is a teaching base for all who are into learning Chinese-language and culture. For 10 years, Tianjin Normal University is accepting foreign students with H.S.K qualifications and it has been also conducting tests of HSK.

Name 天津师范大学
City Tianjin
Ranking in China 157
International ranking 1899
Undergraduate 2910 USD/year
Postgraduate 3200 USD/year
Accommodation 200 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 106
Deadline 30th June
Students 21,876
Foreign students 451
Location No.393 Binshui Xidao, Xiqing District, Tianjin City, China
Website www.tjnu.edu.cn

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