Wenzhou Medical University



Wenzhou Medical University

Being located in the city of Zhejiang called “Wenzhou”, Wenzhou Medical University owns three campus-areas, which covers more than 70 km. This university is counted as one of the leading and developing educational institutions running under the control of Zejiang region.  And the head-campus is situated in the very heart of Whenzhou city.

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All of its personnel members altogether have been struggling to achieve a unique position among other highly skilled universities, and is going to be pleased to become prestigious with remarkable featured points as well as wonderful academical commitment. This gives attention to bachelor teaching during constantly improving subjects and techniques. Especially in medicine related subjects seeing it as own kernel because of stimulating with other comprehensive disciplined universities that are tending to the demands of the region.


Wenzhou Medical University

Known as a famous and foremost trading-harbour, Wenzhou Medical University lays widely over the Zhejiang’s southern coasts. It, is popular with its conomy, culture and communication stations in the south of region.  The area of the university, in addition, is well-known for the commercial systems and factories, handcrafting, and etc. Its myriad beautiful and historical temples and other similar sightseeings, mountains (e.g. Yangdan Mount.), rivers (the river of Nanxi) resulted in making this town a favourite place for tourists.


College of internation students, controlled by Wenzhou Medical University and supported with a huge amount of funds at the beginning of  2006, entered to the list of the biggest educational institutions of Zhuajiang. Furthermore, Wenzhou Medical University ranked in 30 best medicine teaching universities that managed to reach some Chinese Ministrial standard  qualities to recruit foreign students.

Wenzhou Medical University

College of internation students possesses Chinese-language and medicine programs for the use of oversea learners. At the moment, 800 students, which come from 42 states in total, occupied with their studies in the college. The College aimed to cultivate richly experienced and skillful medics. The another dedication of it is educating, carrying out researches, and scores of instruments and supplies of medicine which are mainly used for sic yearly M.B.B.S as well as B.D.S courses as tring to catch higher qulaities, aims, and limitless cources for postgraduates. Suitable studants can get bachelor grants. They learn all subjects and special lessons offering to foreign learners in Chinese and English.


Wenzhou Medical University

This university starts its educational story in 1913 after being founded in the province of Hanangzhou. The ranking of Wenzhou Medical University stands in the 17th postion amid local medicine institutions. On average, 83% of its graduating students could pass the exam for doctoral certification, and this is the fifth best result when estimated.  Last but not least, providing them with jobs is also high-ranked, second best in the medical field, top-rated amongst all Chinese employers.


Wenzhou Medical University is embracing to sign partnerships and apply it globally as its central point. So far, it was able to establish good relationships in over 60 countries (with 76 universities) on all around the earth, which include different collaborations of students, collegians’ exchanging programs and collaborative researches, and  much more. 2 schools have been established with University of Burapha, and S.U.N.Y university in Thailand.

Wenzhou Medical University

At this moment,  Wenzhou Medical University is looking forward to dedicating all of its components to gain prestiges of education and medicine of which it deserves, undescouring the bachelor courses in medicine,  keeping up the disciplined developments during taking them to the next level.


Covering an overall territory of 2000 mu. with a 600,000 metres housing space, Wenzhou Medical University runs 3 campuses. There are two libraries conserving 2,500,000 books, journals, etc. in that area. It passes off 5 jounals, two newspapers, some of them rank highly in CST. Sixteen collaborated clinics, furthermore, are working all over there.

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Name 温州医科大学
City Wenzhou
Ranking in China 189
International ranking 1772
Undergraduate 4365 USD/year
Postgraduate 6110 USD/year
Accommodation 175 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 97
Deadline 15th July
Students 17,155
Foreign students 840
Location Wenzhou Medical University, University Town, Chashan, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Website www.wmu.edu.cn

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