Anhui Agricultural University


Anhui Agricultural University

The background of Anhui Agricultural University takes to the time of the establishment in 1927 in Anqin city, and another former were agricultural high school, established in 1936. They were combined and their names changed to “Anhui Agricultural high school” in 1950 when that school has been moved to the city of Hefey.

Anhui Agricultural University

At last, the university has received approval by the State Council to continue its schooling as a university. It is located in the city of Hefey that very popular with its Bao-Zhen’ mother town, one of the bases of researching and Chinese renowned educational organization. As being full of schooling buildings, the university occupies a land of 7km2 (20km2 in total). Its overall asset of researches and educating tools has been reached to over 262,000,000 RMB. It is the lone university in the city, which specialized with the sciences of agriculture and has a rich history and multiple connections with foreign regions.

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University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.

Anhui Agricultural University

Anhui Agricultural University offers many scholarships for all students come from foreign countries and regions. These are some of them: free access to libraries, free tuition, different scholarships according to your degree bachelor, master or doctoral are available! You can support our consultants to get more information if you have any wish to study at Anhui Agricultural University.


Anhui Agricultural University is composed of 20 colleges. At present, it teaches over 3,000 educationists and also 2,000 grads who are protecting their levels of P.H.D and master. This university owes a team of personnel of 1,800 qualified pedagogues, among them more than 500 hold qualifications of P.H.D and master, and 5 have been granted with the awards of Modelling Masters and Intelligent Pedagogues of China.

Anhui Agricultural University

In addition, the university offers a Native level Intelligence Subject, and 4 outstanding lecturers brought here to work at the university with the donation of “Wamjing Scholarships Awards” and 3 Chairmen stations were opened. Anhui Agricultural University gives an offer of 91 schooling schemes, 6 state-level specialties and 4 state level training courses for undergraduates. Moreover, it possesses 2 state level (fostering) main subjects, 7 R&D centers and 19 main subjects for postgrads at the province level, and it was approved to confer doctors with 7 A1 and 35 A2 level subjects, as well as it provides to masters with 73 educating schemes.

Researching departments

In the campus of the university, there’re one native principal lab fostering station, 26 municipal level principal labs and R&D centers, 3 municipal Innovations Centers of the year, 2 municipal level socialism and humanity sciences R&D center of the agency pedagogics, one group of Changjing Scholarships and Innovations inquiry center with plans of improving, and 10 native contemporary farming and economy technologies station for postgrad researchers in sciences. Lately, the university has started being supported by Chinese governmental schemes namely, “nine-seven-three”, “eight-six-three”, “nine-four-eight” and by foundations of the nation like Fund of sciences of China. It has achieved 90 titles at the state and province levels.

Great importance and results

Anhui Agricultural University attaches great importance to its exchanges and collaboration in abroad. By now, it has established nice relationships between itself and other 50 universities of different 35 nations. The university became Anhui Agricultural zone and got an approval to enroll foreign collegians with governmental scholarships and grants from the agency pedagogics in 2010. It was one of the languages teaching zone of agricultural sciences in 2003.



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Name 安徽农业大学
City Hefei
Ranking in China 169
International ranking 1677
Undergraduate 2,500 USD/year
Postgraduate 2,500 USD/year
Accommodation 150 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 65
Deadline 15th July
Students 18,087
Foreign students 151
Location 130 Changjiang W Rd, Shushan Qu, Hefei Shi, Anhui Sheng, China

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