Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture History

The history of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture can be traced back to 1930s Bei Ping Industry & Vocation College under ?Beijing Architecture Institute, was authorized in 1975 by the agency pedagogics to continue its tuition with higher education, and that year, the title of the college was changed to the present title, too.

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

?In 1983, it dived in granting undergrads, then, it was authorized to confer collegians with master-level diplomas. It was listed as one of the best and qualified engineer training university in 2010 by the ministerial committee of education. In 2012, Beijing University of Civil Engineering became also well-known as “Beautiful and garden-like university”. In 2015, it got a state-level award called “Intelligent and primary constructed university”. Today, this university is the first and alone university that teach in the sciences of architecture.

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University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.

?‍? – In recent years, many foreign students have come to this university to study and obtained scholarships. Therefore, the university is incorporated with local & governmental companies to provide students through grants and scholarships until 2022. To get full information ?, please write to our consultants.

Revolution time

After that times of reformation, Beijing University of Civil Engineering dived in to develop the constructions of the city buildings, and to satisfy the demands of the society in the fields of architecting and building, and to carry on enhancement all educations and sciences those are on basis of urbanization, actively improvement of situation of fostering and educating as servicing greatly to the public with mutually supporting and coordinating the evolution of the comprehensive disciplines university as a civil zone in the province as well in the state on this urbanization and constructing subjects.

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture


Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture consists of 12 Institutes as well as 3 educating departments, Architectural, and Urbanization Institute, the Institute of Key-architecting and Transport-architecting, the Institute of Environment resources and petroleum, Electronics and IT sciences Institute. Economy and administration educating department, Survey and Urbanization geology data, computer-sciences and networking schools, the Institute of Ideology and politics (theory), and plus educating and researching departments and the Ministerial committee of Sport. There over 14,000 studying candidates in these schools, which consisting about 9,000 full timely undergrads and doctorates, and over 3000 postgraduates, and plus other foreigner and skill training collegians amount to approximately 2,000 in these Institutes and departments.

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Having 40 undergrad specialties, including three ministerial-level educating specialties: key-architecting sciences, Constructing and tooling engineer growing, Architectural sciences, and seven ministerial-level specialties: architectural sciences, key-architecting sciences, Constructing and tooling engineer growing, supplement and draining water-resources, administrating projects, automatic and survey architecting courses. B.U.C.E.A owes architectural subjects for doctorates and several R&D centers for post-doctorates, 13 subjects for master-degrees, 5 multi-disciplined senior specialties and 7 branches of their architecting sciences subjects. The university also has 3 primary level subjects at the level of the province, architectural sciences, key-architecting and technologies of geology and surveying, as well as 2 primary subjects such as administration and data-architecting and urbanization designing studies.

University Employees

This university is in possession of 2,000 faculty members those involve in about 700 masters, 412 masters ranked with superior and technological places, 130 professionals and 50 part timely tutors. One of them was one of the holders of the Chang Jiang Scholarship, eight were conferred with “Native level Popular masters specific qualification and license”, two leaders those who granted with “21st talents” at the state level, and more than 100 at the province level, 5 holders of the Great-Wall scholarship, masters master 13 pedagogues, 4 A1 level staves, six academical creator and innovative elites, scientific and administrative groups of 20. There are three libraries on the university’s campus. The libraries totally store 1,300,000 volumes and 2,000,000 electron books (connected to 50 different databases of liberal arts and engineering), and a wide range of books and journals in foreign languages.

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Results in numbers

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture puts a big emphasis on educating affairs as well as improvement of the qualities and situation of its tuition. Therefore, it has achieved one native grade winning, 22 provincial grade educating winnings those include 1st advance among 9. In 2012, the university has built one state-level simultaneous educating station, and native-level Experimenting and educating base. To satisfy the demands of the society’s urbanization and city-edifices, it has been regularly conducting reformations and focuses on the promotion the learners’ cognitive abilities to learn as well as practicing, 121 colleges were also has set up on the campus. Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture has achieved the Trophy of Chinese Challenges because of it’s graduate’s students.

Furthermore, the talents of the university were the winners of 400 different academics and activity (sport) prizes and rewards during the past years. It has undertaken and completed successfully numerous researches and blueprints. The researches and blueprints are composed of famous prizes such as “Chinese Sciences & Technologies Prize”, “Technology innovation Prize” and also in the 1st place ranked by the government from 2012 to 2015. The total asset of the university amounts to 300,000,000 yuan. Today, it is listed as a member of the key universities of China Republic.

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