Chengdu University of Technology


Background of Chengdu University of Technology

Chengdu University of Technology’s former is recognized as Chengdu College of Technology that was permitted by the Ministerial Education Committee in 1955 and that year is the year of this college’s formal foundation. The college’s title was changed to Chengdu University of Technology in 1993. The ministerial education Committee reformed the university and caused the combination of Chengdu University of Technology with 2 local high schools in 2001. The University’s was reconstructed on 12 October 2009 with a license that the Ministerial department of Ground and the regional Committee of Sichan signed.

Chengdu University of Technology

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University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.
The university offers the following grants and scholars for foreign students:

  • Students of A-class are supplied with free accommodation.
  • Special grants for undergraduates those who are studying well.
  • Free yearly Chinese language course.

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Disciplines & specialties

Having characteristics of energetics, resources, geology and environment protection, administration, electronics and informatics, Chengdu University of Technology is teaching on the basis of engineering and natural sciences. At this time, it has 4 popular disciplines at the level of state level, one discipline at the state level (cultivating), as well as 20 disciplines at the level of Sichuan’s region. 80 specialties for undergraduates and 115 specialties for master levels are offered by the university. The specialties include 22 senior master-degree teaching schemes and 41 doctorate teaching schemes and plus two post-doctorate R&D centers, which occupy different 15 disciplines of sciences of medicine and military.

Schools & stations

The university owns a full timely body of students of nearly 35,000, involving 27,000 undergrads, 6,000 grads, and 2,000 young collegians. It is at present comprised of 17 high schools, 75 training stations, 43 R&D centers and other academical bases namely, “School of graduates”, “Geology Elementary school”, “College of Further education”, “Applied Technology College” and much more.

Chengdu University of Technology


In the university, there’re about 3,000 advanced and skillful teachers those are of whom 400 are working as proffers (superiors and associates). Twenty teachers have won the award of Specific Allowance of Chinese Council as well as 30 teachers have become leading masters in the province of Sichuan. One teacher has been conferred with the award called “National Famous teacher” and 8 teachers with awards of famous teachers of the city. Two teachers are the winners of Junior School Teacher Award, 5 teachers rewarded with “Li Sigang Award of Geology”, 5 teachers have achieved an advance named “Huang Jiqang Junior Award of Hi-tech sciences and Geology” and three of them achieved “State Award of Natural sciences”.

Chengdu University of Technology

Academical Researches

Because of 3 native level labs (one associated), two main labs of the region, one main lab of Ministerial Committee of sciences, one main lab of Universities of Sichuan, one Humanities and socialism R&D station of the region, three main lab of the ground public sector (cultivating), two institution station of the governmental committees for academical researches and observations, and a humanities and socialism popular station of the region, Chengdu University of Technology is known as a civil station of skilled and intelligent elites growing and academical researches. Until this time, it has taken part in numerous schemes of researches of sciences and technology.

Chengdu University of Technology

Here are some of them: “National sciences and technologies specific project Program”, “National Fund scheme of sciences and technologies”, “State Fund schemes of Chemistry and physics”, “National 863 scheme programs”, “National “nine-seven-three” schemes”, “National socialism scheme Funds”, “National scheme of geology expeditions” and other. The university has already finished 1,330 academical and technology researching programmes and printed over 30,000 theses (academic papers). So far, this university has been granted with about 1,000 prizes namely, “Special grade prize of local sciences and technologies promotion”, “Second-grade prize of local sciences”, “third-grade prize of Modern Innovative technologies”, “First-grade prize of Academical promotion of Sichuan”.

Relationships in abroad

Chengdu University of Technology has made good relationships with more than 70 institutes and universities in over 50 countries. Besides, the university has brought expert teachers who come from the US, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Canada to take some explorations and to give lessons.

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Name 成都理工大学
City Chengdu
Ranking in China 247
International ranking 1870
Undergraduate 3055 USD/year
Postgraduate 3930 USD/year
Accommodation 150 USD/month
Cost of living $340-656 USD/mon.
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 70
Deadline 15th July
Students 35,734
Foreign students 225
Location Baiye Rd, Pidu Qu, Chengdu Shi, Sichuan Sheng, China

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