China University of Petroleum


China University of Petroleum

China University of Petroleum (CUP) is a governmental extensive college with a lead of governmental organization which controls the education system in the country and furthermore one of the “Two one one Project” colleges. The college that was established in 1954 and named as BPI has settled in Qingdao County in 1969. Afterwards, it was renamed to West Japan Oil Institution. This college was relabeled to UG in 1988 that has three dorms separately in Dezhou and Hong Kong, and renamed into China University of Petroleum in February 2006.

China University of Petroleum

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University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.
China University of Petroleum is offering Scholarship Program for international students of the academic year 2019-2020. To get more information contact our consultants.


The two main buildings (campus) of China University of Petroleum are located in Shanghai and Weifang, respectively. This academic institution includes more than 10 different faculties, which include the faculty of electrical machine-building, digital computing, logistics of constructional design, exact sciences and innovations, philology, logistics, computer science, military education, economics and management. Furthermore, it includes couple of colleges such as technical school. This academic institution has roughly 1,400 experts and lecturers, half of whom are senior lecturers and the other half are doctoral and master degree students.

Academic performance

China University of Petroleum an instructing and research college with its attention on designing numerous orders It has 5 state key orders, and 2 state key developing controls, 5 specialist stations, 4 first-grade subjects and 35 second-grade subjects for presenting doctoral degrees. It is qualified for give Master’s degrees in 99 projects and 11 building projects and four-year certifications in 54 specialties. At this point, the college has turned out more than 250,000 scholars.

China University of Petroleum

There are many research bases for the oil and petrochemical industry and the China University of Petroleum is included with this list. It is famous for its 27 Ministerial and provincial key research institutes. As a base establishment of the University, SST group is also considered as an experimental testing base and industrial testing base for oil and petrochemical industry.

An owner of 26 municipal and local research bases, China University of Petroleum, plays a crucial role in petroleum and petrochemical industry. The enterprise, which is considered to be the framework of the institution is Shangdong Shtar Science and Technology Group. What is more, It presents itself as a technical testing base for petroleum.

China University of Petroleum will have been incorporated with a nation renowned state college with its oil subjects achieving world’s five star level.

China University of Petroleum

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Name 中国石油大学(华东)
City Beijing
Ranking in China 97
International ranking 876
Undergraduate 3640 USD/year
Postgraduate 4510 USD/year
Accommodation 250 USD/month
Cost of living $620-1,212 USD/mon.
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 130
Deadline 10-30 May
Students 12,794
Foreign students 524
Location 18 Fuxue Rd, Changping Qu, Beijing Shi, China

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