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China West Normal University – Background

China West Normal University, founded in 1947. The former of the university was North Sichun School of peasants and workers. Today, it is known as China West Normal University, contemporary intermediate educational institution. For over 65 years, China West Normal University has been making good efforts to become the basis of teaching in Sichun valley and to be in service of the whole territory of China Republic. It has already become a civil and high-ranked intermediate university in the state.

The main part of the teaching system of the university is comprised of big contributions and commitment to ethical programs and to the scholars’ intellects, specialties, morals, cultures, societies and physics of its teachers. The university has reformed itself into multi-disciplinary university as being featured by the masters’ teaching methods and development until now

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China West Normal University


University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.
China West Normal University offers the following grants and scholarships for foreign students:
• Additional grants and scholarships for those who are studying well at the university.
• Free annual Chinese language course for English students.
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China West Normal University campus



This university is in possession of 3 campuses. The campuses are located in a legendary area, occupying a total space of 24km2 (12km2 is a teaching and improved area) with several advantages of location. It owns lots of varied classes those totally occupy a space of 3km2. There are also experimenting buildings in a total space of 2km2, containing distinctive lab stations specialized fine-arts in the school of arts, school of music and in an affiliated museum. Additionally, there is a large library with a tome of 2.5 million books and 10,000 kinds of newspapers and magazines. The university provides all its learners and employees with all equipment and furniture for the accommodations of students, 6 comfortable cafeteria and dining halls, and for training of physics in running tracks, soccer pitches, gyms, tennis-courts, and other activity fields.

Cooperative relations

China West Normal University took up first cooperative relations with R&D centers and high educational universities in different countries like USA, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand and Japan with the promotion of exchanges. By now, it has contracted with State New-York University (SNYU) in 8 majors, the university of Mennonite, university of Suwon (USW), and numerous institutes and high schools in the areas of Japan and Taiwan.


China West Normal University faculties

China West Normal University has over 3,000 faculties those amongst of them 26 masters were awarded a governmental allowance by the Council of China, 2 masters awarded by the state-level Foundation of professional youth’s contribution to academics, one master was listed on the state-level board of Socialism and major enhancement fund, 2 lecturers were listed as one of the best masters by the ministry of education, 21 ministerial level famous lecturers for their affairs on technology and academics, 5 masters awarded with “Talents of 21st century” award by the ministry of education, 6 ministerial-level model-teachers and 13 masters were listed as professional of Sichan valley in virtue of their academical contributions.


The university is composed of 22 schools, offering widespread teaching programs, which are leaders in the education of master levels, agricultural sciences, sport and high educations with total specialties of 19 A1 subjects and 111 A2 subjects. It at present uses undergrad long-suit majorities and 18 associated level schemes, involving 8 state-level outstanding long-suits, one sport long-suit with an approval of the ministry of education to show enrollment and entry exam, one native level educating group, 3 native level intelligent courses, 18 ministerial outstanding undergrad long-suits, 8 ministerial level educating groups and 50 province-renowned subjects. Benefited from this strength of academics, the masters of the university have achieved more than 60 state and ministerial level advances (5 state-level 2nd-grade advances are also included).
Quality of education
China West Normal University has been giving attention to academical researches and the improvement of education’s quality. Therefore, it has enhanced some popular long-suits like the regulation and caring of flora and fauna, Classic letters of China, politics (theory), Karl Marx education, letters of ancient China, Bioorganic chemistry and theory of physics as well as natural sciences. In 2010, faculties successfully undertook 150 explorations in socialism and physics at the levels of state and province, and printed out nearly 8,000 academical articles in Chinese and foreign journals, 900 of them were appreciated by S.C.I.

China West Normal University grants China West Normal University educationChina West Normal University scholarship

Name 西华师范大学
City Nanchong
Ranking in China 241
International ranking 2419
Undergraduate 2563 USD/year
Postgraduate 2765 USD/year
Accommodation 200 USD/month
Cost of living 410 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 75
Deadline 15th July
Students 25,000
Foreign students 300
Location No.1 Shidalu, Nanchong, Sichuan, China

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