Hainan Medical University


The origins of the Hainan Higher Medical School appeared in 1947, at which time the Haytsiang Medical School opens, then the Medical College under the University of Hainan. However, already in 1951, the merger of these two educational institutions began, in connection with which, a specialized medical school was created.

Hainan Medical University

After more than forty years, this specialized school was transformed into Hainan Medical University(海南医学院). And since 1993, this institution of higher education has been considered the only university in Hainan Province that focuses on the medical sciences. Since 1996, according to a decree of the Ministry of Education of China, a higher medical education institution has been able to offer training for Bachelor’s programs.

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Hainan Medical University recruits 80-110 students for scholarships every year.Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.

Campus and Staff

The university has three campuses, each of which is located in three different parts of the city, each campus was built from environmentally friendly building materials, and the total area of all campuses is over 1.35 million square meters. More than two thousand teachers work at Hainan Medical University, of which more than 50% are professors and associate professors, and about 70% of teachers have a Ph.D.

Hainan Medical University

In addition, the university attracts foreign experts and professors from prestigious higher institutions of the world. Fourteen teachers of the Hainan Medical University have a special scholarship received from the State Council of China, five teachers are holders of diplomas, handed over by the program of the outstanding talents of the nation. More than fifteen professors are chairmen of local academic committees, and much more.


Nowadays, the university offers more than twenty-five programs in three different areas, such as medicine, management, and science. At the medical university, there are about fourteen schools, which offer programs for the preparation of professional specialists in twenty areas. These schools are focused on such areas as – international education, clinical medicine, and others.

The structure of the medical university has more than five research laboratories and about sixteen regional training courses and retraining of local specialists. For those, who wish to undergo an internship or educational practice, the university offers more than 80 places, in each of which, an internship will bring its specific experience. Over thirteen thousand students are studying at Hainan Medical University today. Of these, around 150 students are foreigners.

The Hainan Higher Medical School was recognized as the holder of the rank of a university, with the best level of employment for its graduates, as well as the title of the university with the best performance for the training of teaching staff in educational institutions of the local region.


Since the beginning of its activities, the medical university of great heights in the field of employment of its graduates, as well as the definition of their professional competencies. Absolutely all graduates from year to year pass tests for obtaining a nurse’s license quite successfully, over 92% of graduates are able to find out job immediately after graduation from the university.

It should be noted that over 95% of employers give a positive assessment of the quality of knowledge of graduates who begin their careers in employers’ companies. Profile ministries, social facilities (hospitals, clinics, etc.) respond very positively about the medical skills of graduates from Hainan Medical University. From year to year, the passing score in the entrance exams of this institution of higher education rises.

One of the largest employers of the Hainan Medical University is the Beijing Ambulance Centre, the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army of China and others. In addition, the specialized hospitals of Sun Yat-Sen each year, select more than 50 graduates to replenish their staff.

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Name 海南医学院
City Haikou
Ranking in China 386
International ranking 3153
Undergraduate 2901 USD/year
Postgraduate 2901 USD/year
Accommodation 150 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 70
Deadline 15th July
Students 13,000
Foreign students 150
Location Longhua Qu, Haikou Shi, Hainan Sheng China
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