Harbin Medical University



Being established in 1925, Harbin Medical University is seen to be one of the most crucial universities of “National plan two-one-one”, which is under the control of Chinese authorities, and supports and develops the educational institutions. The university also owns several colleges – here are some of them: Basics of Medicine College, College of health of public, college of Pharmacology, Administration Academy of health, College of Humanity and socialism education, College of Graduates, College of further Study (Education for Adults), and plus 6 clinical colleges, dentistry colleges, Nursing colleges, and the Campus called “Daqing”.

Harbin Medical University

Furthermore, Harbin Medical University owns some joint Centers as well. For example, “Centre of C.D.C and aboriginal diseases”, “State Study Centre of brand-new medicines testing”, “Teaching foreign languages Centre (Russian, German, etc.) by MOE”, and two academies of traditional medicine in the region of Heilonjiang. This university possesses eight teaching programmes for doctorates, namely “basics of medicine”, “health of people”, “engineering of bio-medics”, administration, pharmacology, nursing and biology.

Also, 12 A-rated schemes for master degrees, 60 second-rated teaching plans for doctorates and 65 same rated ones for master degrees are used to teach in the university. Five study and science plans as well as two labs for post doctorates were set up and now working. Three of the educating plans at the university are well-known in the state. The capacity of scholars totals 15000 in estimated and 1000 of the seats for post doctorates, 4000 for masters and 8000 for bachelors, and others for overseas.

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Harbin Medical University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year.Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.


As having transparent courses of medicine, Harbin Medical Universityis well known for its 7 yearly courses amidst A1 universities of China. It, besides, collaborated and working with Nanka university as well as the academy of Harbin. It also collaborated with 6 overseas universities. The university runs 3 first-rated courses for doctorates, which namely basics of medicine, health of people and pharmacology.

Harbin Medical University courses

Accomplishments and scholarships

By making tremendous leaps forward, Harbin Medical University has been making perfect clinical accomplishments. Those efforts are oriented to human genome venture, exams of cytogenetical of stable tumor, fundamental as well as medicinal experiments on collecting spleen support tasks, tests and clinical utilities of homogeneous in situ coronary heart transplantation, learns at the fine focus of antiarrhythmic medications and etiology of Kaschin-Beck ailment. It has made associations with a couple of firms for example, the Pharmacology researching and developing Centre between the university and pharmacology staff.

Harbin Medical University grants

As a result, it managed to utilize all bits and pieces of clinics and other resources. Over the past decade, this university and its contribution to medicine were highly appreciated and awarded with 4 first rate grants by Chinese Science and Technology department,  7 2nd rate grants by local Agency of sciences, and plus more than 250 milestones at the nationwide level bestowed by the government. HMU has embraced more than 250 activities of the countrywide plan “nine-seven-three”, undertaking “eight-six-three” program, and key ventures of nationwide home grown science premise.

Educational structures

Counting on the possession in educational structures, Harbin Medical University could be boasting of its education techniques, R&D centers, and courses, which include one nationwide main course, 30 regional top-ranked courses, two biomedical study researching centers, 5 main labs under the control of educational Committee of China and numerous labs and study centers in the regional levels.  Moreover, it provides local and overseas experts with all equipments and data to do the studies and researches.

Harbin medical university flaunts unrivaled clinical innovation. Being positioned at zenith degree, of which three are recorded among the “a hundred fine emergency clinics”, 5 clinical universities (subsidiary medical clinics) share all the advantages they have with each other. They have 10,000 rooms, serving to 2,000,000 patients annually. The influenced individual who got the allogeneic coronary heart transplantation appreciates the agreeable life high caliber amidst Asian countries. The blended treatment of huge gut disease is widespread all around the country. Inside of the other four non-associated clinical emergency clinics additionally 3000 rooms for patients are included and supplied perfectly.


Harbin Medical University is quite selective to choose teachers. It deeply looks into their experience and background of educating. Therefore, you can find the staff differently aged but very suitable. Today it owns more than 9,000 of them, involving 1 academic in the science of engineering, and the holder of many academical awards, 80 masters were awarded with popular and extraordinary prizes like “Middle-aged Extraordinary teacher”, “Wujiepang study of medicine prize” as well as Pharmacology Prize of Jasen.

Harbin Medical University staff

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Name 哈尔滨医科大学
City Harbin
Ranking in China 117
International ranking 1518
Undergraduate 4365 USD/year
Postgraduate 5820 USD/year
Accommodation 200 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/mon.
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 95
Deadline 30th June
Students 18,000
Foreign students 430
Location 157 Baojian Rd, Nangang Qu, Harbin Shi, Heilongjiang Sheng, China
Website www.hrbmu.edu.cn

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