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Jiangsu Normal University Establishment history

Jiangsu Normal University information

Jiangsu Normal University established as Wuhi College of educations of first skills of Militaries under the control of the headmaster, first-lieutenant Li Xiang Sheng. The college was firstly known as Jiangsu College of educations for intermediate masters, a simple high-level college, permitted by the government of China, in 1953. Then the movement of the college to Xuzhou province and renaming it as “Jiangsu normal school” have been done in 1956.

In 1960, the headmaster permitted to merge with Xuzhao School of militaries and to modify the college as Xuzhao normal high school that is alone undergrad high school in the north of Jiangsu region. In 1962, there were some changes in the high Chinese educational structures because of the words of the minister Zhou, “Some universities are in need for the province of Huzhao”. These words also effected to the north of Jiangsu region. In 1973, the college started to confer postgrads and was listed as the 1st institutes granting master degrees in the state in 1980. Finally, in 1994, the name of it was changed to Xuzhou normal university by the ministerial committee of educations. In 2009 26 October, the agency of pedagogics gave a formal license to the university to continue its jobs as a university.

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Jiangsu Normal University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.

Jiangsu Normal University grants

The university offers the following grants for foreign students:
• Grants for the fees of the tuition and accommodation
• Several scholarships for undergraduates and graduates who can speak English fluently
• Free annual Chinese language course.
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Schooling schemes and departments

iangsu Normal University how to enroll

Jiangsu Normal University is regularly teaching junior talents to serve the public. It is continuously upgrading and improving schooling programs. In 2002, it has been ranked as a great university of the undergraduates by the agency pedagogics. In 2005, the agency pedagogics put up its civil disciplines and schemes for foreign students. Now it owes 4 state-level key constructing schemes, 2 native level advanced methods, a state-level team of masters, a specific grant, 7 regional A-level and 32 B-level grants and awards for the masters, 22 ministerial trademark and general disciplines, 59 ministerial advanced methods, 2 ministerial-level teams of masters, 10 ministerial level advanced manuals, a ministerial-level researching and developing station for internships and innovations, 16 lab blueprints and 14 ministerial-level developmental buildings of educating. Besides, it is in possession of a department of enhancing artistic status of scholars, a department to improve scholars’ normal disciplines, local educating department for principal A-level and B-level masters, local educating skills department for B-level masters, educating civil and latest sciences department, affiliated with the MOE and the best local R&D institute for the scholars’ cognitive abilities in this region.

Supports to develop society

Jiangsu Normal University education

Lately, Jiangsu Normal University has made kind connections and scientifically researching collaborations with 10 high schools in the north of Jiangsu and in lots of other provinces (Xuzhao, Yanghchan, Suqyang, Lianyang, Ningxia, etc.) to raise the situation of intermediate subjects of the region, economy, and evolution of the society. Moreover, it has constructed 5 important Researching and developing stations those are the main part of the provinces’ sciences and technologies yard. This university is the alone and well-known university, which made an awesome relationship amongst the university and the society. The works and strategies that the university has done can be the best example for other universities, want to support the outside world and to integrate themselves and own disciplines into the economy of their region.

Students’ achievements and results

Jiangsu Normal University teacher

Jiangsu Normal University always boasts with its’ collegians and their results. It is natural. Because the collegians have achieved many advances and awards. It is impossible to count all but possible to say some: silver medal of the cup of Challenge, 4 winners in the state-level outstanding universities academical technologies and innovations tournament, gold medal of the state-level universities’ festival of art, gold medal of the state-level junior mathematicians, specific achievements of the ministerial level college humanity and socialism sciences.

What’s more, if you a fan of any sport in china, you must have heard the universities name “Jiangsu Normal University”. That’s why is that the scholars have achieved many medals and advances in sport. The university’s soccer team of the women over 20 state-level tournaments. The experts and the coach of china selected several footballers from them for the 5th “Women world cup”. Soon, we hope that the university will cultivate more people like these.

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Name 江苏师范大学
City Xuzhou
Ranking in China 184
International ranking 5417
Undergraduate 2330 USD/year
Postgraduate 2620 USD/year
Accommodation 175 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/мес.
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 115
Deadline 15th July
Students 18,000
Foreign students 700
Location 101 Shanghai Rd, Tongshan Qu, Xuzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China
Website www.jsnu.edu.cn

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