Shanghai University


Shanghai University (上海大学) has become top point for investigating throughout place. The university still keeps its position among exploration institutions. The institution includes 3 study areas, Baoshan, Jing’an and Jiading. Its establishment started in the 1920s as a school.

Shanghai University

Afterwards it has been significant factor in the progress in China. When it was divided into 4 parts, Shanghai University  has become main place to undertake investigation and lessons. Over 23,000 students are studying in bachelor degree and over 12,000 are in master degree. Almost 4000 ones are from foreign countries.

Shanghai University

Shanghai University Scholarships

University recruits 130-170 students for grant places every year. Scholarships are available for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees, as well as for language courses.

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Situating in Shangda Road, Baoshan District of Shanghai, Baoshan branch became principal area of school. The rest of Yanchang and Jing’an  parts are built in Jingan, Jiading provinces respectively. Among alumnis Chinese president Chien Wei-Zang also graduated the institution. Originally, he was famous scientist.


There are almost 30 schools and 2 self-supporting agencies. Among them the college also offers wide range of faculties in bachelor degree (about 70), postgraduate degree ( about 220 and 17 are in egineering), post doctoral (about 120). Shanghai University  teaches large number of courses in ranging from law to engineering. Over 10 programs are offered.

Here many of investigation departments can be found. Over 72 of them situate and recently modernized park legalized by the State Science Comission. Since Chinese economic expansion supported in technological way as well as knowledge, this institution has higher value in different exploration. Regarding educational outputs, the institution has achieved advanced investigation fund as well rewards for numerous educational results.

International students Shanghai University

There are close link between the institution and the society. Science Academy in China collaborated to establish the Life Sciences School. In addition, several companies based on television supported the progress of film industry in School of Film and Television Technology. Among them, some courses for economical and literature-related are also existed within cooperation of Social Sciences Academy of China in Shanghai.

Relationship with foreign countries

Universidad de Shanghai (Shanghai University)

The college take part in worldwide educational society actively. Shanghai University  builds strong connection with numerous institutions from overseas also popular professors. Now over 3,800 international students are accepted during a year. Many teachers is sent to different countries to train, as well as do other academic assignments. The Shanghai University is not limited with only local Master degree courses, but it also possible to find the Rutgers Business School and several international postgraduate programs.

Shanghai University
Shanghai University students visit to UClan


Shanghai University ’s library divided into 3 parts. The Baoshan building has primary study rooms, Yanchang part has Wenhui library. Lianhe library locates in Jiading. All libraries are so large that they cover 55,000 With 26 reading rooms and 3,010 places primary one is about 38,000 3 libraries keeps over three millions of volumes such as over 4,600 serials with many softwares. For example, Elsevier, Ebscu, Kluwer, Academic Press. Since primary library is cooperated with Writers Association of Shanghai, it contains rooms for Shanghai writers’ assembly.

Library Shanghai University

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Name 上海大学
City Shanghai
Ranking in China 41
International ranking 536
Undergraduate 3,051 USD/year
Postgraduate 3,777 USD/year
Accommodation 250 USD/month
Cost of living $582-1,224 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 140
Deadline 30th June
Students 37,800
Foreign students 3,896
Location 266 Jufengyuan Rd, Baoshan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

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