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Southwest Petroleum University

About the university

Southwest Petroleum University was founded in 1971 with the name of “Southwest Petroleum College”. After 30 years, it was approved to grant bachelor, master and PhD levels and to change the name to “Southwest Petroleum University”. Since the foundation, it has constructed many teaching buildings and developed the disciplines. In 2001, it became a complete university, which possesses 7 institutions of studying civil subjects (engineering sciences, management complete-disciplines, economy, history, languages, legislation and literature). Today, it is the 2nd fuels and gases engineering disciplines specialized university in the state. It has also ranked highly as one of the best three universities those have orientation of gas, oil and fuels’ subjects.

Scholarships for international students

Southwest Petroleum University has contracted with the Chinese departments about conferring scholarships and grants for international students. To get some more information, contact consultants on the website, please.


Southwest Petroleum University has an overall area of 18km2 (10km2 is full of teaching buildings) that is divided into 2 parts. The first is the campus of Nangchong town (10km2) and the second is the campus of Chendu town (8km2). They are surrounded by green trees and grasses, give an attractive scene totally. Therefore, this university has been awarded with “national garden like university” by the government.


At present, more than 4,000 faculty members, which contains 419 senior lecturers, 735 associates, 10 academicians of the engineering-disciplined academies of China, two teachers awarded by the Chinese teaching achievement for Junior and middle ages, 15 personnel of the Chinese council bureaus and scientific departments, a master of Cheng Kon programme, 8 masters awarded by the Bay Qin Wang Qualified personnel program (state-level 100-1000-10 1000 program), 102 masters got specific licenses from the government, 43 teachers called as contributes to teaching professionals, 78 supervisory doctorates, 15 teachers have awards of Fouk Yin Tun Master Prize and 21 have awards of Sung Yuqie academical foundation, etc.


Southwest Petroleum University owns several teaching programs, consist of education for postgraduates, developed skill teaching studies, continuing education and normal high education. The university runs 17 colleges and divisions those use 58 bachelor level schemes, 79 master level schemes, 27 doctoral level schemes and 3 development bases for post doctorates, and possess 3 local civil subjects, 20 regional civil subjects, 7 state-level skill programs and 14 regional skill programs. In these colleges, approximately 28,000 undergrads and 4,000 postgrads are studying.

Other informations

This university is kind at researching projects and having well-known awards. In the process of upgrading schooling from the level of province to the level of the state, it has built 25 labs and R&D centers, which include 1 principal lab of Fuels and gases’ exploitation and geology, under the agency pedagogics 5 laboratories of petroleum and gases apparatus and others. In addition, a large library with about 2,000,000 books, 100,000 periodicals and 40,000-gigabyte e-books is servicing to students.

It is hugely paying attention to international relationships and partnerships with universities and colleges from all over the world, and especially with these countries: the US, RF, United Kingdom, Korea, Germany. The employment rate of grads of the university is very high, 93%. This is a good result in the other universities in the state.

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City Чэнду
Ranking in China 72
International ranking 1168
Cost of living $340-656 USD/мес
Scholarships ☑️
Foreign students
Website www.swpu.edu.cn