Zhejiang Sci-Tech University


Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University – established in Huangzhou in the valley of Zhejiang. It runs 18 high schools, which proximately 32,000 students from all over the world are studying at. The programs to teach them are divided into three levels:
1. Low (63)
2. High (71)
3. Doctorate (14)

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

If you are interested to study at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, feel free to contact our consultants or to leave your application on our website. You can visit “Our Services” page right here to get known with the services we provide.


University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.
ZSTU is offering Scholarship Program for international students of the academic year 2020-2021. To get more information contact our consultants.

Ranking of University

Ranking of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University is 97 among all Chinese universities.

Detailed information about the university

Today, Z.S.T.U has about 3,000 pedagogues that have good talents and big experiences. Among them, working 2,200 masters and 800 elites with professor level. In addition, advisory and visitor PhDs often have lessons with their audiences.

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Z.S.T.U updates their tuition programs every year and usual winners of competitions. It has been awarded 28 diplomas for inventing modern technologies, 4 for Liberal Arts and over another 300 in regional and global competitions and contests.

Since 1973, Z.S.T.U has many scholar exchange contracts and partners in
UK, U.S.A, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia and much more.

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Name 浙江科技学院
City Hanghzhou
Ranking in China 107
International ranking 1059
Undergraduate 2182 USD/year
Postgraduate 3640 USD/year
Accommodation 200 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/mon.
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 77
Deadline 30th June
Students 27,000
Foreign students 215
Location China, Hangzhou, Second Avenue, Xiasha Higher Education Zone, 5
Website www.zust.edu.cn

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