China Campus Network for 2019/2020 year Academic products:

China Campus Network (CCN) products are designed to be the best solution to study in China. CCN focuses not only on recruitment proces of student,  rather cares more about student carier and future.

China Campus Network
China Campus Network
  • Before – Foundation IFP – where CCN student will study through rich training Chinese program specially created for International students, assuming all client preferences and future stream of education. With focus on major related subjects. After IFP program students will be able to enroll on scholarship and fully understand the learning material among Chinese students.
  • During – Degree UEA. During 4 years of study students will go through CCN study program with big emphasis on new trend knowledge that will make CCN students more compatable. In 3,4 years of study CCN students will be invited to particapate in Internships in field related corporate leaders.
  • After – Careers Global Internship Platform. CCN provides access to all studetns for a career platform. Where students can find appropriate internship in CCN network.

Three Pillars of CCN Values:

China campus Network uea


International Foundation Programme (IFP)China campus Network academics

  • ◼ To prepare international students for Chinese degree studies linguistically, academically and culturally;
  • ◼ It’s the first only Foundation Programme, recognised by multiple Chinese universities, except CSC Foundation Programme;
  • ◼ It’s jointly developed and 80% of the Programme Development experts are with CSC Foundation Programme development or teaching experience;
  • ◼ In-house text books development – Chinese for Subject Purposes.

Career for students

China campus NetworkGuaranteed Internship

  • ◼ UEA Global Internship Platform, covering leading companies in China and Home countries of students;
  • ◼ Experience -> Exposure -> Employability

First 2 years CCN career orientation program:

  • ◼ Chinese Business Culture
  • ◼ Business Etiquette Orientation
  • ◼ Internship Preparation Guidelines Chinese Universities or Corporate Partners CCN Career Service and Professional Development Team

UEA Internship: 16 Weeks in China or Home Country

3rd year Summer Holiday:

UEA Internship (I): Experiential Learning

  • ◼ Chinese Business Culture Experience
  • ◼ Practice of Professional Skills
  • ◼ Mandarin Practice.

Companies in China or Home Country

4th year Summer Holiday

UEA Internship (II): Professional Development

  • Cross-cultural Communication Practice
  • Industry-oriented Professional Practice
  • Industry-focused Mandarin Practice

CCN global internship platform – UEA

Glovbal companies that are available for CCN UEA by countries

Mexico: Alibaba, Ant, Huawei Financial, ZTE, XiaoMi, CNOOC, DIDI, Cainiao.

Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia: Alibaba, Huawei, ZTE, Ant Financial, Cainiao, Didi, Xiaomi, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC

Russia, Uzbekista, Kazakhstan, Kyrgistan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan:
Alibaba, Huawei, XiaoMi, Cainiao, CNPC , SINOPEC, CNOOC

Morocco: Alibaba, Huawei

Financial saving for CCN students

China campus Network Scholarship for Quality Students

  • ◼ Offering Universities
  • ◼ Offering mode
  • ◼ Scale

UEA and IFP description table

China campus Network

What is UEA

UEA is is unique career opportunity program designed by CCN to bring bright future for international students in China.

Three Pillars UEA stands for:

BEST Universities

  • Classroom experience
  • Academic Reputation
  • Top resources

GUARANTEED internship

  • Experience beyond classroom
  • Employability
  • Experiential learning


  • Financial support
  • CSC Scholarships
  • One Belt & One Road Scholarships
  • University Scholarships

China campus Network

Energy – Central Asia – China Gas Pipeline. Kazakhstan – China Oil Pipeline
Information Technology Industry Huawei telecom products/ technologies in all countries
Transportation – Establishing mechanisms for collaboration in aviation
Infrastructure Collaboration in railway construction in Russia, Central Asia etc.
Business & Culture – Alibaba
Free Trade Zone – International industrial parks


  • Cross-border eCommerce
  • Tourism Management (PG)
  • Telecommuication Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation


China campus Network

Business Related

  • Big Data Management & Application
  • Finance (with Big Data) n Tourism Management (UG)
  • Logistics Engineering Management
  • Energy Management


  • International Relations and Politics
  • International Law (with Corporate Law) (PG) n Journalism and Communication
  • Business Chinese
  • Translation (Chinese English for Technologies)

Science and Engineering

  • IoT Engineering
  • Mechatronic Engineering (Robotics)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Automobile)n Chemical Engineering