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E-commerce Alibaba program CCN

CCN E-commerce Alibaba program

It is Bachelor’s degree Study & Practices E-commerce CCN (China Campus Network) and Alibaba GET joint program, including a bachelor’s degree in Economics, internship, scholarship, employment.
To train e-commerce top managers and entrepreneurs.

Join the online revolution!

E-commerce Alibaba Get program

Key features

  • Unique comprehensive e-commerce and Economics training program
  • Learn from e-commerce leaders, best practices and trends
  • A whole year of training under the mentorship of business teachers
  • Get access to the largest market-learn Chinese language and Chinese business culture
  • You will be able to manage and create a business built on modern technologies
  • Be one of the best – earn a scholarship for 4 years of study

Why study E-commerce in China?

Chinese online companies now are the leaders and the main innovators in the world of e-Commerce.

China is the largest online market with 470 million online shoppers, and by the amount of non-cash payment. China = 70 x US.

Studying in China is an opportunity to plunge into the Internet society. Compare the number of apps per person:

  • China-39
  • USA — 33
  • The rest of the world-26


According to the “one belt – One road” initiative, the online silk road is aimed at strengthening international cooperation with the countries of the region, expanding the capabilities of the Internet infrastructure and promoting the development of cross-border e-Commerce.

The ratings of ECI (ECI — index of involvement in e-Commerce) some of the project countries “1 belt – 1 road»:

Russia – No. 1
Thailand – No. 3
Malaysia – No. 18
Kazakhstan – No. 21


90% of goods purchased through cross-border e-Commerce come from China.
AliExpress – the most popular e-Commerce website in South Amerika, Russia, Central Asia.
At the festival “Double 11 shopping” in 2016, 60% of foreign orders were made through Central Asian AliExpress

Your Study & Practice Route

Features of the China Campus Network training program

  1. Year 1
    International Foundation program CCN in the direction of Business: learning Chinese, subject preparation
  2. Year 2
    Classroom training + online practice
  3. Year 3
    Classroom training + Online practice and tasks
  4. 4 years old
    Classroom training + Online practice and tasks
    In summer, you will have the opportunity to work in the company’s e-commerce platform Alibaba, in particular, in the field of operating platform, sales, customer relations, supply chain management, etc.
  5. Year 5
    Practice during the 1st semester + project work
    Final qualifying work + bachelor’s Degree and Alibaba GET Certificate
    In the last year of your bachelor’s degree, you will combine previously acquired academic and practical industry skills and prepare a high-quality thesis
  6. Your next step
    After completion of training:
    Continue your career in the company in China, Russia and other countries
    Find a partner to develop your business in your country
    Start a public career in the international e-Commerce sector

Program description


In e-commerce
You will spend the 3rd year of bachelor degree working in e-commerce company on Alibaba platform, in particular in the field of operating platform, sales, customer relations, supply chain management, etc.

Entrepreneurial project
Implement an entrepreneurial project with the support of academic and industry mentors.

Diploma work
In the last year of the bachelor’s program you will combine previously acquired academic and practical skills and prepare a quality thesis.

Learning outcomes

  • 2 languages
    The possession of the Chinese and the native language in a business context
  • 2 diplomas
    Bachelor’s degree + Alibaba GET Certificate
  • 2 cultures
    Deep understanding of the business environment in China and home country
  • 2 ways
    Employment through the platform of ALIBABA, or start a new business

You can Study E-commerce in:

  • at Harbin Polytechnic University
  • at Shanghai University
  • at Xi’an Shiyou University

The student will spend the first year of pre-University preparation (IFP) at the new CCN flagship center in Shanghai. After IFP, the student will be enrolled in the faculty of Economics with a degree in international Economics and trade (e-Commerce class Alibaba GET) at Shanghai University and there will continue to study for the degree.

Program cost

FP Course A (year)

30 500 yuan (RMB)
Career service (organization of internship, industry certificate, recommendations for employment)
14 500 yuan (RMB)
Xi’an Shiyou University (the costs of University)
Accommodation on IFP
1-bed in a block for 2 rooms – 10 800 yuan for 12 months.
Bachelor’s degree (year)
20 000 yuan on a fee basis;
from 0 to 10 000 yuan under the grant (depends on the grant).
Bachelor’s accommodation
7800/10800 yuan in 12 months.

IFP Course C (3 months)

15 000 yuan (RMB)
Harbin Institute of technology
(the costs of University)
2-seater-600 yuan / month.
From the 2nd year from 0 yuan (grant category A0-2).
Bachelor’s degree (year)
20 000 yuan on a fee basis;
from 0 to 16 000 yuan under the grant (depends on the grant).
Shanghai University
(the costs of University)
Accommodation on IFP
4-seater – 15 000 yuan;
5-local-22 000 yuan.
Bachelor’s degree (year)
24 000 yuan on a fee basis;
from 0 to 16,800 yuan under the grant (depends on the grant).
Bachelor’s accommodation
4-seater: 35 yuan per day;
2-seater: 1,600-2,500 yuan per month.

ALIBABA GET (Global e-commerce Talent) program

  • GET modules and lectures provided by Alibaba GET-accredited trainers and practitioners.
  • High-tech educational e-commerce platform, exclusively for GET students.
  • The issue with GET certificate.

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