Northeast Normal University


Northeast Normal University

Northeast Normal University was established in 1947 as a college, controlled by the rules of MOE and in 1951, it had to move to Chanchung town and changed the title of the college to Northeast Normal University.

Northeast Normal University history

In 1973, it was listed as one of the universities of “two-one-one” for the plan of building highly disciplined universities. It is situated in the Chanchung town of the valley of Jillin, covers 145km2 that divided into 2 campuses, Main and New. The Main dorm possess a bigger territory of 80km2 and the new dorm has been constructed recently in the empty land of 65km2.

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University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.
Northeast Normal University is offering Scholarship Program for international students of the academic year 2019-2020. To get more information contact our consultants.

Detailed information about university

Northeast Normal University pedagogicNortheast Normal University pedagogic Northeast Normal University pedagogic

Northeast Normal University owes an advanced staff of 917 masters, 325 doctorates and excellent scholars of 19,361 undergrads, 7932 graduates and 1217 PhD level scholars (687 of the scholars are from abroad). Besides, it has 2 academics of the Academy of Educations, 1 academics of the 3rd Globe Academy of educations and 16 academic-level owners of the commission of granting academical qualifications of the Agency pedagogics.

At present, Northeast Normal University consists of 18 colleges, 67 undergrad specialities, a college for graduates that gives 171 master-level specialities, and 64 PhDs, 16 research and development centres, four self-learning centres, five inquiry bases and 10 labs that approved by the government. Additionally, Northeast Normal University has ten-faculty permitted to grant PhD levels, 15 subjects of inquiry and developing centres, 6 principal subjects of an institute of High educations, 7 associated subjects of projecting schemes of the local “20th 5 years’ scheme” and “two-one-one” project, 25 subfields of all principal subjects system of Jillin region, and special and popular self-learning programmes, includes 3 subjects of Humanity and socialism educations of the Agency pedagogics, for example, Preparation to U.S.A.

Programms, partnership

Students of Northeast Normal University are rejoicing with the programmes, have been developed by international experts and still being improved. In 2016, the university got 14th place in the rating list of SCI (Sci-citation index) because of the quality and amount of the paragraphs. It has also spirit slogans likewise “Perseverance, Solidarity, Devotion, Eminence”. Therefore, day by day, the intelligence of the scholars is increasing in the main field and the university is being highly estimated by the public and experts.

The University is regularly searching talented masters and lecturers from all over the world and creating innovations, technologies which getting from the works of having up-to-date educating methods, special managing staff members, developing the subjects and the knowledge of the masters. The only wish of Northeast Normal University and it’s learners is to make the university A1 and very popular with the graduates and results in the region and the earth.

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Name 东北师范大学
City Changchun
Ranking in China 65
International ranking 619
Undergraduate 2842 USD/year
Postgraduate 3770 USD/year
Accommodation 170 USD/month
Cost of living 363 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 79
Deadline 15th July
Students 28,024
Foreign students 300
Location No.5268 Renmin Street, Changchun, Jilin Province, China

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