Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance


Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance (ShLUAF) was opened in spring 2016 as a national college, as a result of the union of two Institutions – Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce (ShLUC) and Shanghai Fiscal University (ShFU).

Despite the fact that the University was recently created, it has already become known for its fine tuition and investigations in accountancy and funds. Moreover, it intends to promote improving the fiscal and communal pattern of the nation and city of Shanghai; to complement the evolution of the “4 Cores”, mainly the Foreign Focus for Finance, Exchequer, Merchant, and Navigation, and to erect a science and technological Innovative Core with mondial effect.

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Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance recruits 80-120 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.

Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance


A renowned pedagogue, “the begetter of contemporary Accountancy in China,” Dr. Dish Xulong, based ShLUC in early 1929. In the midst of the 20th century, Chinese Folk’s Bank created the forbear of ShFU – Shanghai Banking Financial School Academy (ShBFSA). ShLUC was interpreted as “the origin of accountancy instructions in China,” and ShFU as “supporting coming obligee”. Together with 3 autonomous lands the college envelops approximately 100 ha.

Academic programs

It allows learners to gain knowledge in thirty-three bachelor and MA programmes in the field of verification. Despite her initial tuition in fiscal and management, moreover, it includes MA programmes in jurisprudence, physical sciences, and construction. There are several logical investigative organizations in the college, for instance, the Shanghai Sci-tech Fiscal Institute, Institute of Pudong, the Center for the Study of Contemporary Payments and Internet Fiscal, the Center for Open Economy and Trading Studies. At ShLUAF, learners have the possibility to act and gain experience with the help of a diverse, highly qualified staff with a firm global profile.

Shanghai city

International cooperation

Over one thousand people (out of 1,500) manpower and staff work general working day, and four hundred are state-approved head specialists in their training fields. Thanks to expanded drafts and an easy-to-open field in China, where strong fiscal resources are concentrated, it invites learners from cross-border areas of China and a common number of learners with the actual composition is approximately 23 thousand people.

Shаnghаі Lіxіn Unіvеrsіty оf Аccоuntіng аnd Fіnаncе

Focusing on internationalization, it has formed unifications with ninety-nine colleges all over the world, annually joining about one thousand foreign learners. It suggests foreign learners with training desciplines in English in these specialties: transborder fiscal, transborder commerce and trading, business control, and accountancy. Moreover, there is a Chinese dialect courses. It is in partnership with proficient entities ACCA (Association For Chinese Community Affairs), and AIA (Authorized Inspection Agency) allowing learners to receive qualified tuition.

Shаnghаі Lіxіn Unіvеrsіty оf Аccоuntіng аnd Fіnаncе

The college is, of course, the final abnormal staff, organized by the College of Accountancy and Fiscal, which is known not only at home but also abroad, thanks to its startling, worldwide, and skilled teaching, as well as the study and expansion of opportunities and level for the best service of Shanghai Monetary-credit and communal promotion.

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Name 上海立信会计金融学院
City Shanghai
Ranking in China 228
International ranking 1342
Undergraduate 2910 USD/year
Postgraduate 3200 USD/year
Accommodation 250 USD/month
Cost of living $620-1,212 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 127
Deadline 10-30 May
Students 22,000
Foreign students 620
Location 2230 Zhongshan W Rd, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

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