Shanghai University of International Business and Economics



Having been established at the early 1960s, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (上海对外经贸大学) joined with Fair trade Committee of China, also known as Commercial Ministry, in 1995. For 30 years, it has been controlled by the authorities of Shanghai. After that, the COE (Commission of Education) started supporting it and the university owned its current name in the spring of 2013.

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

SUIBE Scholarships

University recruits 120-160 students for grant places every year. Scholarships are available for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees, as well as for language courses.

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This university is composed of 11 colleges: the Business College, College of language learning and literature, Finance and Economy College, Business Management College, College of accountancy, Tourism and Social Science College, College of Further education, BIM (Business Info management) College and College of international students.

Associating with students

There is only one language learning group of French, known as “La Légend”, was created to increase the students’ language skills in French by exposing the cultural points of the France. Most of the learners come there from College of linguistics and department of French language. However, it accepts anyone who wants to come and join to learn that language, especially in all levels.

The university runs another group of Finance and economics, has an inspiring motto “Investing your money is investing your life”, with an aim of teaching the basics of business management and investing, some strategies and techniques and fully explains the trade market of the globe. Last but not least, it established new club, called “Mystery Novel”, to integrate all students who are very into reading and discussing novels. Today it has got more than 150 members.

Teacher of trading

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics is one of the handful universities who held the World Trading Organization conference. It is totally involved in up-and-coming research projects and papers which are based on the economy and trade to keep up the local and foreign ones combined. These projects were famous for its remarkable jobs in done in China. The scientists and researchers in them are also outstanding amongst other professionals of Humanity and sciences of society, and other sectors of development.

Additional info

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics adheres to making improvements in their learners’ cognitive abilities, acquiring new skills, and evaluates their level. In other words, it puts them in the first place. Being instructed to strengthen and evaluate the students’ in their majors. This university is doing well by cooperating with local entrepreneurs, bolstering its syllabus for their own good and guiding some society’s responsibility and ethics.

Setting up close relationships with the universities, at the same level as it is, it’s playing a big role in exchanging teachers and students as well as making research projects altogether. So far, it has made associated disciplines with universities from the UK, Germany, Australia and Canada. After the educational authorities had approved them to enroll foreign students, the university became very popular among the young prospective students coming to China or Shanghai.

In short, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics is not missing a trick to develop its studies of science, education of socialism and culture and cultivating new elites. To maintain, it will never stop to move forward to teach young learners and in turn, contributing to the public of china by working on its fortes such as economic and business.

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Name 上海对外经贸大学
City Shanghai
Ranking in China 132
International ranking 1254
Undergraduate 5792 USD/year
Postgraduate 7240 USD/year
Accommodation 250 USD/month
Cost of living $620-1,212 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 13
Deadline 10-30 May
Students 10,000
Foreign students 642
Location 1900 Wenxiang Rd, Songjiang Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

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