Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

hejiang Chinese Medical University history

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University was founded on 26 June 1955 with a title “Zhejiang High-school of educations”. In 1958, it was renamed as “College of Traditional Chinese medicine”. The approval of being university it handled on 16 January 2005. Today, it is a regional multi-disciplined university that is mainly specialized with the disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This university is one of the earliest educational organizations that are enrolling, educating and granting postgraduates.

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Zhejiang Chinese Medical University recruits 80-110 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.

In recent years, many students have come to this university to study, and to be granted with scholarships. Therefore, the university is incorporated with local and governmental companies to provide students with grants and scholarships until 2022. To get full information, please contact our consultants.

Teaching buildings and methods

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Teaching

The university consists of 13 schools, 2 self-governed schools, 15 exploration departments, 4 governed clinics and 18 ungoverned clinics by the university with about 15,000 collegians and over 8,00 oversea scholars. It uses 31 undergraduate programs, which cover 6 branches of medical sciences: administration, art, natural sciences, engineering, and medicine. Additional, it has 5 post-doctorate bases, 15 doctorate level programs, 53 graduate-level programs.

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University


More than overall 1,600 faculty members, which containing 502 professional masters (also associated clinics involved), 5 academicians of the engineering academies of China, 2 leading scientists of state-level scheme named “978” of the government, two masters known in a governmental scheme as talents of 21st century, 18 masters awarded with unique certifications of the government, 31 academical state-level sciences tutors of traditional Chinese medicine, 16 master granted with “1000 elites” of the Zhejing province scheme, and 53 well-known ministerial physicians are working at the university.

Internationalized High-school

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University education

Internationalized high-school of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (abbr. IHSZCMU) was built with focusing on the development various level programs and the quality of education of postgraduates, and plus optimization of traditional Chinese medicine distinguishing disciplines. In 1984, the university started recruiting foreigner scholars, and for the year, IHSZCMU has been conducting training 6,000 collegians from more than 60 republics at the university’s all levels. Over 1,000 scholars from 34 countries, Germany, France, Britain, Poland, Iran, Tukey, etc., are studying with these schemes separately: program of Language education, program of High short term education, program of Undergraduates and bachelors, program of Masters and post graduates.

Efforts to abroad

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University is continuously promoting its schemes of exchanging and cooperating. By now, it has made great relationships with 102 educational organizations, academical exploration and clinics of over 36 states, and has recruited collegians from 61 republics. It also invites oversea professionals to work at the university and has brought 39 professional lecturers by this time from abroad.

Additional info

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University iformation

The university is one of the oldest local universities that had the approval to confer doctorates, and constructed post-doctorate station of traditional Chinese medicine. Moreover, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University is an awesome zone for doctoral levels who want to get diplomas of qualification and to improve their experiences. Currently, the university is in possession of 15,000 learners.

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University regularly pays attention to develop own disciplines and quality of schooling. By this time, it has possessed 1 principal disciplines at the native level, 43 main disciplines at the level of province those involve 3 best a1 level subjects. The university has 6 distinguished state-level disciplines and 15 ministerial-level disciplines.

Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

As scientifically giving attention to new innovations and projects, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University is proud of traditional Chinese medicine exploration and experiment station of homeopathy, 4 main traditional Chinese medicine inquiry labs supported by the committee of health-caring, 12 main state-level academical labs, 5 ministerial-level labs, 3 outstanding departments of technology sciences and 5 main ministerial-level innovative groups.

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Name 浙江中医药大学
City Hangzhou
Ranking in China 250
International ranking 2212
Undergraduate 3640 USD/year
Postgraduate 6110 USD/year
Accommodation 200 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 97
Deadline 30th June
Students 10,300
Foreign students 410
Location 548 Binwen Rd, Binjiang Qu, Hangzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China
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