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Donghua University (东华大学) teaches its students on many subjects such as economy, literature, liberal arts, sciences and researches, legislation, business and management. It owns 13 colleges and educational departments, and there are 53 courses for undergraduates, 51 for master degrees as well as 26 for doctorates and plus 6 for post doctorates researching in the main courses of the university.

Donghua University overview

Some of the courses are outstanding in both provincial (8) and state-level (4). Donghua University possesses a huge amount of awards for its researches and academical paper works, contributed considerably to the science of army, new-energy production, conservation, physics and architecture. According to the numbers and qualities of them, the universities are ranked at 13th place amongst all universities of the country.

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Donghua University recruits 130-170 students for grant places every year.Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.


The history began when the ancestor of this University, namely “Textile University of China”, caused to be established on the 13th October, 1950. Being situated near the zone of economy (Hongqiao) and in the centre of Shanghai, Donghua University became a nationwide leading university under the direct control of the Chinese authority of Education.

Donghua University history

Then, that university was featured with numerous branches like “Textile Engineering”, “International trading”, “Information Technology”, “Material science” and “Fashion design”. Those branches were given myriad awards in the region and state. It started accepting foreign candidates very early, in 1956 after it had been approved the Chinese Committee of Education. So far it has managed to bring hundreds of them from nearly any well-known country. Nearly entire curriculum is suitable for overseas. In addition, there are some Chinese-language courses as some of courses are preferred to be taught in Chinese.

Building space

Divided into 2 big parts – Western Yanan highroad Campus, and Songjian Central campus, Donghua University runs an enormous and powerful library, was set up with some methodic assets, and stores an invaluable collection of academic, scientific and innovative resources as well as fast working e-database of tones of information.  Their focus is given to increase the efficiency of learning, practicing, discovering, collaborating and supervising.

donghua university students

Laying over an area of 9,200 m2, it was reformed and redecorated with innovations and awarded with some national titles. In it, there are comfortable seats for 800 people, big and long room for readers, computer equipped special rooms and many service-rooms like Xerox. Furthermore, it is associating with many other universities in over 60 states to send and receive scholars and guests to use this ocean of books and information. In favor of foreign students, the administration provides cabinets, internet enabled rooms and Chinese dictionaries, books and publications, can be useful for them to learn Chinese language.

School of painting

School of painting was constructed in order to educate new elites to create and bring out outstanding work of art. This school also includes other courses in term of art, painting and architecture. Being oriented to art, it is teaching and doing research to enhance its syllabus, consisting of basics of art, education of skills, art-troupe architecture, and appreciating all of them.

Donghua University

Yanan highroad

Being the university’s western campus, Yanan highroad’s known as Centre of Servicing to students. In other words, you can find and buy anything you need. There’re marekts of technology, grocery, store of books, hairdresser’s shop, and a number of shops selling accessories, perfumes, clothes and other products. There is also a big hypermarket selling a broad range of essential stuff like supplies for classes, items for living room and bathroom, and cafes and cafeterias for a hot coffee or a light breakfast. Bookstores sell any kind of books from curriculum handbooks to fiction masterpieces. Most importantly, here scholars are allowed to get anything they like not going out of the university at a low price.

Songjian Central

In this campus, you can also find all facilities: Design store, cafes, banks and a centre for shopping, located in the Zongshan Garden – loved by all students. It is a 15-minute walk away from the underground or bus-stop. Yanan highroad is, in addition, very close to it. They are crossed with just a wall in which cafes, conveniences, grocery shop and post-office. After those cafes and banks, it has a avenue called “Parksons Avenue”, serves to foreign students, in particular. It is very normal that you see our friends are standing, buying something and enjoying in that place.

For sportsmen

The university gives an offer of a broad range of comforts and essentials for athletes and sportsmen. It has a football pitch, courts for basketballers and players of rugby and tennis, huge gym and a track for running and jogging. You are allowed to use any of them once you’ve showed the entrance your Student Card. Luckily, many of the services are free of charge. They may charge some money for the courts. Its gym includes fitness, jumping tracks, courts of basketball and badminton, climb walls and waiting rooms. Despite the type of sport students are interested into, they are able to find their favorites.

Partnership in abroad

The other central point which is focused is establishing partnerships and scholars and experts exchanging programmes. Until today, Donghua University’s done a plenty of efforts and also signed numerous agreements with more than 70 universities, colleges and many other educational organization located in different 30 countries.

Furthermore, Thousands of scholars and experts have been brought from those places for exchanging their methods and techniques with us. It is consonantly working on the associated programmes like Donghu Carleton, German-Sino study to undergraduates researching on engineering of Chemistry, Japan-Sino study to undergraduates majoring in Designing and Architecture. What’s more, it’s been a successful host for huge world-class educational meeting and ceremonies. Consequently, Donghua University has managed to make up firm, comprehensive, nice and challenging partnership and exchanging programs.

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Name 东华大学
City Shanghai
Ranking in China 48
International ranking 525
Undergraduate 4100 USD/year
Postgraduate 3750 USD/year
Accommodation 25
Cost of living $582-1,224 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 143
Deadline 10-30 May
Students 30,000
Foreign students 4788
Location 849 Zhongshan W Rd, Changning Qu,China

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