Guizhou University


Guizhou University

The main institution of Yunnan aimed to evolve in accordance with the benchmark of the “Two Hundred Eleven Project”, is Guizhou University (GZU).
Forerunner, which is Guizhou Institute of Tertiary School, was established in the early 1900s.

Guizhou University
The political leader of China, Chan Kaishi, gave the current name of the University.
Towards the end of 2005 “211 Project” ratified GZU as a leading academic establishment.

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Guizhou University recruits 120-160 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.

Guizhou University organizes scholar collaborations in collaboration with high schools in 25 countries.

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Guizhou University

Ranking of Guizhou University is – 132, among all chinese universities.

The institution has 20 high school and 3 divisions of education. Currently, the quantity of students studying is thirty-two thousand one hundred
fifty-two considering roughly twenty-five thousand undergraduates, four thousand graduates among which 123 Ph.D. presenters and 52 foreigners.
Nowadays, there are more than 150,000 undergraduates in a variety of fields

Academic disciplines

The academic institution consists of 24 local and fundamental disciplines
providing 11 Philosophy Doctor Programs, 149 Masters academic programs and six Masters Study program for majoring disciplines, all of
them are empowered to appropriate grades. GZU comprises 112 special topics for bachelors having 38 distinctive special subjects
(five governmental and ten local included). Overall, there are 11 faculties.

Guizhou University

GZU constantly attaches great importance to the advancement of global
collaboration and exchange. Currently, it has built upon collaborative and interchange connections with forty departments in Europe, Asia, America, and Japan.
The University maintains close relationships by meeting guests from these educational departments and other regions.
For the last few years, more than three hundred students participated in a student exchange program. They were sent to a variety of places all over the world.
Just more than 20 global symposiums and congresses were carried out in the GZU.

Guizhou University

Currently, the number of lecturers employed on a full-time basis is two thousand
three hundred thirty-two including two hundred thirty-one Ph.D. holders and about nine hundred Master degree holders. Out of a thousand lecturers,
one third are full professors while the rest are associate professors.
The area of the University is about 3786 hectares, while educational establishments occupy only 89 hectares, half of which are intended for educating students.
At the moment, it operates eighty-one observation stations of diverse industries.
Its library has about four million collections of printed literature and 2 million e-books.

Scientific Achievements

The GZU takes pride in its 32 scientific centers.
Local Center of Technologies, four major branch laboratories of the Education Ministry,
twenty-three municipal observation stations and four offices of science are included in these departments Immediately upon introducing the Eleventh Six-Year Scheme,
the study institution has carried out 1207 provincial, national and ministerial schemes including Research of Natural History Foundation and Traditional
Public Learning Stock Draft.
The University is famous for its offshore professors and specialists in several fields, lectures, and scientific assemblies.
It also accepted overseas students from all over the world to study Japanese and other academic programs.
It gained its notoriety via directing specialists and scientists to countries worldwide for the purpose of exploration in collaboration with other foreigners or
participating in the global study seminar. Consequently, the out stepping process has significantly advanced.

Global collaboration and amity helped GU to achieve great triumphs and now, it places a high value on these results with its foreign associates and creates a
great deal of effort for mutual development. University is developing gradually by providing students with manifold possibilities such as advanced
framework mainly focusing to lead researches.

In pursuit of the aim of becoming an even internationally top-level University,
it chases the dream of understanding academic leadership principles in its state, by making huge steps to improve the local area.

Academic Awards

Guizhou Institute of Advanced Study is an ancestor of the present GZU was established in 1902. Throughout decades, the University transformed itself
into Municipal Guizhou University, National Guizhou University and eventually National Guizhou School of Economy and Art.
Roughly after 20 years, GAC,
GIA and GICTS united into NGU to originate GZU.

Immediately after joining of the GUT to GZU in 2004,
it was engaged on behalf of the Education Ministry as a participant of “Project 211”
This college also established kinship with several colleges in America
providing an opportunity to learn Japanese for twenty American students each semester.

In one thousand nine hundred eighty, Guizhou Art School,
at that time an independent university, took up accepting faculty members at the Philology faculty. After, Guizhou School started accepting overseas
lecturers from the AISK program in Australia. At the same time, Economy lecturers from Europe were hired to teach at sections of advanced majors.
These lecturers worked in bachelors majors and postgraduate courses at all departments.
In 2009, 12 years past from Guizhou Farming School was combined with GZU,
it received volunteers from Canada Would Corpus.

GZU has nine student hostels located in separate places in Hubei. To the north side of the hostels
near to the Guiyang Flower stream park, there is a regional center.

Name 贵州大学
City Guiyang
Ranking in China 225
International ranking 1672
Undergraduate 2040 USD/year
Postgraduate 2620 USD/year
Accommodation 160 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/мес.
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 68
Deadline 15th July
Students 33,604
Foreign students 300
Location Huayan Rd, Huaxi Qu, Guiyang Shi, Guizhou Sheng, China

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