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Introduction to Hebei North University

Hebei North University information

Hebei North University confers Bachelor and master degrees. It was established from the amalgamation of 3 high schools in the province: Medicine high-school of Zhangjiaku, Masters high-school and Complete secondary Agricultural high-school of Zhangjiaku on 13 June 2002, when it was authorized by the education’s committee of the government. Now it is alone multi-disciplined university, which is located in the northern district of the province of Hebei and run by the government. The university’s principal methodologies are based on the trainings of undergraduates, postgraduates, secondary, vocational and continuing educations. Currently, the number of the studying scholars is over 23,000. By this time, it has cultivated about 65,000 collegians from china and over 800 foreigners.

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Hebei North University recruits 80-110 students for scholarships every year. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree as well as for language courses are provided.
Hebei North University offers the following grants and scholars for foreign students:
• Additional grants and scholarships for those who are studying well at the university.
• Free annual Chinese language course for English students.
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University’s schools

Hebei North University scholarships

Hebei North University can boast its schools’ number and the level of educating. The total number of the schools is 15. Here are some of them: School of Medicine, school of medicine technologies, school of literature, Agricultural school, Western languages school, school of continuing and vocational educations and the school of Clinics. These schools are in possession of 5 training bases, 3 academical inquiry and experiment stations, and 9 associated training bases.

This university has been firmly enforcing to its faculties of teaching. It has a latest collection of training equipment, which assumed as 13,000,000 dollar and rich library with approximately 150,000,000 books, and 2 associated clinics and plus 5 non associated clinics those equipped with all furniture for 5,000 patients.

Faculty members

Hebei North University how to enroll

The university has an awesome team of faculty members who are training junior talents. There are 178 seniors and 813 associated senior masters, 35 masters became ministerial level intelligent teachers, junior professionals with many well-known achievements and advances. The faculty members of the university have been regularly investigating and researching some new methods and techniques to enhance students’ cognitive abilities and the quality of their knowledge, and have been implementing the methods, and accepting students’ advantages on it.

Enhancing knowledge of students, Forcing basics, doing improvement on abilities and qualities of students, reforming the forcing disciplines to voluntary disciplines have been changed and the situation of training is increasing of course depending on the beliefs in the educations of training. The university’s administration has structured best disciplines at the state level and leading disciplines at the regional level. Because of these required applicants and supports, 25 disciplines became well-known as leading disciplines at the university and plus the situation of training has also developed with diagnoses and experiments, and 2 disciplines of biology branches (physiology) got famous.


Hebei North University faculties

The university’s present academical fields include 10 specialties: agriculture, letters, pedagogy education, legislation, management, liberal arts, economy, engineering and natural sciences those are related to 80 fields of graduate and secondary levels disciplined training. The employment percentage of the trainees of these fields is very high, even this percentage in the fields of medicine, technicians of labs, and undergrads of agriculture reaches to 100%. Thus, the local companies and enterprises really appreciate them and their level can be recognized from the estimation of the companies and the public.

Additional informations

Hebei North University graduated

During the time of developing training, the university has had great academical fields, likewise physics, humanities, anatomy, histology, embryology and pharmacy, diagnosing tests of labs, math, sciences of computer, Sinology, veterinary and reproducing animals and plants those strongly and kindly effect to the province of Hebei and even, to the all regions of the state.

Until now, Hebei North University has built 11 R&D stations: microbiology station, pharmacy exploration station, station of clinics, clinic-picturing station, station of sciences of food, station of economics, implemented biochemistry inquiry station, station of immunology, station of arts and architecture station. Each of these stations have its civil job in the development of society.

Hebei North University greatly pays attention to the editions of textbooks. Recently, many senior masters of the university were awarded with “Chief Editor” for their textbooks (Anatomy of Human, Embryology and Histology, Pharmacology).

Lately, Hebei North University has increased its supports in training and infrastructure of the university and research. It has built internet station of campus, testing stations of DNA, training rooms provided with tools of multimedia, broadcasts in English. The library of the university 5,000 sorts of magazines, rooms for e-book readers, and much more for students.

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Name 河北北方学院
City Zhangjiakou
Ranking in China 320
International ranking 4297
Undergraduate 2621 USD/year
Postgraduate 2910 USD/year
Accommodation 150 USD/month
Cost of living $410-827 USD/mon.
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 69
Deadline 15th July
Students 23,000
Foreign students 610
Location 11 Zuanshi S Rd, Qiaodong Qu, Zhangjiakou Shi, Hebei Sheng, China
Website www.hebeinu.edu.cn

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