Southern Medical University

Southern Medical University

Southern Medical University was constructed in September 1953 and was only martial medic institute until the years of 1990s. In 1976, it entered the list of the advanced medical universities. After two years, the organization of the martial Centre started to control it and the ministry of educations offered the special martial disciplines before long. Currently, Southern Medical University has been approved as one of the best universities at the state by the government. It is situated in the arena of 100km2, near the Bayun mount in the valley of Guanzhou with fantastic view of nature that was ranked 1st in the beautiful A1 gardened-universities. The overall territory is 27km2 and cover two dormitories called the main dorm and the east dorm in the valley of Guanzhou.

Southern Medical University

Southern Medical University Scholarship

Southern Medical University is offering Scholarship Program for international students of the academic year 2019-2020. To get more information contact our consultants.

Detailed information about university

Southern Medical University has set up many programmes for collegians to get MB, MM, MD levels in the educational branches specialized of medicine, ph3ysics, biology, legislation, pharmacy, diagnostics, etc. It has also 8 associated clinics and 20 high-schools like the college of psychological medicine, the college of bio pharmacy, the college of native traditionalized medicine (hereinafter N.T.M) and the college of health-caring and hygiene. It offers MM levels in the 67 disciplines, MD levels in 42 discipline and 8 A1 disciplines and plus 5 academical R&D centers for post doctorate levels, 23 undergrad disciplines are ruled out. Moreover, Southern Medical University owes a band of principal disciplines at the level of the state, principal disciplines by the ministry of educations, psychological pharmacy station at the state level and N.T.M pharmacy at the state level. It has evolved super disciplines band as supporting disciplines, on the institution of the vertebra of medicine, merging medicine and management disciplines, oversea medicine, subtropical medicine and biochemistry technologies.

Southern Medical University

3,500 teachers and lecturers are working at Southern Medical University amongst them, 1156 PhD, 28 academics of different academies like the academy of pharmacy and technologies of modern-Medicine in the region of Guangdon, 4 winners of the native programme called “nine-seven-three”.

University in numbers

Southern Medical University is in possession of the capital of 5,000,000,000 RMB. It is spending mainly of these funds to modernize classrooms, labs and archives. It has already activated five digital labs and archives with 1,600,000 books, soccer arena and accommodations, which can include 23,000 scholars.

Southern Medical University possesses all edifices. These educating edifices has been constructed in the universities land and has all varieties of air-conditioned classrooms, R&D stations, labs, were supplied with internet-data and modern electronic devices, chambers for scholars those are internet-enabled and provided with telecommunications.
In addition, the university has a soccer arena, surrounded by plastic lawns and an archive, more than 200,000 books in the different categories of foreign nations and Chinese are stored in it.

Academic education

The university is going very well in the schemes of education and academical inquiries. It has already achieved A1 20 awards and A2 awards of the ministerial contest of High educating systems, A2 4 winnings of the martial high educating Awards and A2 9 winnings of the martial high educating Awards by this time. Southern Medical University is in 8th place amongst local institutes, universities and high-schools in the rating of the academical blueprints and the awards. In 2002 to 2005, it was the first-ranked in the universities of medicine of the Guanzhou region and the native program “5 years of 10th programs” for having 793 programmes, created by the junior scientists of the university with a budget of 193,000,000 yuan. Since the establishment of “5 years of 10th programs” from 1998-2006, Southern Medical University has owned many winnings such as 13 A2 winnings of the Chinese Awards for the advanced sciences and technologies and 26 A1 awards of the regional medicine and pharmacy specialized Academies.

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Name 南方医科大学
City Guangzhou
Ranking in China 77
International ranking 1242
Undergraduate 4800 USD/year
Postgraduate 5965 USD/year
Accommodation 190 USD/month
Cost of living $413-779 USD/month
Scholarships ☑️
Seats 139
Deadline 10-30 May
Students 43,000
Foreign students 972
Location No. 1023-1063, Sha Tai South Road, Bai Yun District, Guangzhou, China
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